Thursday, February 18, 2010

Back to work & 开工大吉!!

I've just stepped into the office an hour ago. it took me some effort to drag myself unwillingly here.. :/ i believe many are still on holidays.

CNY has come to fifth day. i had a very busy CNY this year i dont know why, because basically all i did was just those typical CNY activities like friends gathering, visiting relatives, eat and drink. somehow i feel that time is not enough! and i definetely dint have enough rest these few days.. zZz...

dint took much photos this time, weather is freakingly hot i dint have the urge to make up and camwhoring. worst, there was no electricity at home during the 1st and 2nd CNY midnight. i heard several areas in Taiping were affected too =_=""

will update more about CNY soon. since today's the first day of work, i wish everyone and myself, hoi kong tai kat! 开工大吉!! ;)


  1. contradict to you, i think i slept a lot.... *swt* always followed my kids schedule - eat, sleep, eat, play, sleep. but of course, i still havent get enough of these holidays!

  2. Yvonne, yep, sure holidays are not enough!
    i wish to rest more during this weekend.. :S


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