Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to Yan!

photo taken with Yan last October, during my birthday celebration at La Promise cafe
Yan sits exactly opposite me in the office, we shared the same telephone extension. to me, she is the most daring lady in my department ^^ she always speak up her mind and display alot of confidence. sometimes i wish i can be just like her, lol...
she's a very nice and friendly lady, she always treat us with free fruits, biscuits, snacks, home cook dessert etc etc... ;)
judging at her hairstyle, you can tell that she's a very 'in' person and has a great sense of fashion ;) similar with me, we both always wanted to lose weight and keep ourselves slim. but honestly, i really think that she looks just fine because of her height. mind you, she is already a mother of 2 cute daughters, April and May.
once again, Happy Birthday Yan! may you have a blessed years ahead!
p/s: know more about her here.


  1. Hayley, this is sweet. I m overwhelming. Thanks.

  2. so great to have so friendly and kind's colleague & friend~Happy to u... Wish her happy birthday too... ;)

  3. Evelyn, yea! she'll be glad to see this ;)


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