Monday, February 8, 2010

Mind your behaviour!

I know it's normal for guys to look at girls, especially pretty girls, and vice versa. but some guys just overdo it.

last Saturday, i accompanied EK to attend MCB Industries annual dinner. FIL was supposed to attend this but since he needed to attend other dinner, so he assigned us to go. the dinner had already started when we arrived, so we were assigned to sit with a table of all MAN. to be honest, i was the only girl so i think those people will somehow draw their attention towards me. but just one glance is enough, right? but there was this guy(about my age) who's really irritating! not only did he keep looking at me, but i think he even snapped my photo using his hp! i hope its me who is sensitive, but EK did felt the same thing. damn irritating you know! i did my best to turn my face to the stage. i was very uncomfortable the whole night, sitting there with a group of male strangers, and whats more this physco who's really irritating! so i urged EK to leave the place earlier.

damn, i still remember his pian tai face!! >=(

i only came to know about this annual dinner on Friday. if i knew it earlier, i will definetely reject. EK could attend by himself or drag SIL along or whoever la, i dont care! it's very boring to attend such functions and now, this physco has left even worse experience to me :(


  1. Hayley, since your husband was with you, you should ignore him totally. Think positive! Though your partner was with you, you was still able to draw so much attention from the men, means you are really an attractive woman. EK should worry more, as he has such a stunning wife.

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  3. i would be flatter if a guy stare at me, kekeke.... *must be i'd been longing for attention* i agree with yan, you're attractive to get all eyes on you. be cool and enjoy yourself, no need to bother other so much.

  4. Yan and Yvonne, i did tried to ignore him. but then i still can feel that irritating pairs of eyes throughout the whole night, it made me so uncomfortable =_=

  5. Haha.. you should slap him in his face.. throw his hp away :P
    jus kidding.. lol.. erm.. try to forget such guy la.. tink u r gorgeous tats y he kept looking at u.. or tink tat u looks like his ex gf will make u happier .. :P

  6. Actually hor, you had the better advantage cos EK is right next to you. I had a similar experience at a friend's wedding dinner. It does feel weird when someone other than your hubby is staring at you like some jakun who's never seen women.

    Anyway, what I did was stick to my hubby like an Amazon leach. Grab his hand real tight and be romantic. It's difficult to ignore him but it feels better when I put my focus and attention on my hubby. (^_^)

  7. I know!
    I actually met some uncle who has his wife by his side staring at me... And worst, at my boobs!
    These people ah... They just need to get their eyes dig out!

  8. Ivy, haha, positive thinking ya? ;)

    Wai Leng, yea, alot of jakun out there who's never seen woman before.. \
    of course i does stick to my husband and keep chatting with him..

    Shirlexia, i even hate those ham sap uncles!! seriously their wife/partners should do something with it...


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