Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Valentine

After reading Yan's post on her marriage life, i realised this is something common happen to most of the couples. after some times spend together, we will somehow find that life has become boring and dull. especially after having kids, i believe.

to be honest, i dint really know how it'll be after having kids. but i know i'll get to know that soon. both EK and I love kids, but we somehow have different point of views. i still wanted to experience some couple life together after moving in with him, but he wanted to have kids quick. we'll both end up with no conclusion whenever we come to talk about this topic. sometimes, his egoism really irritates me. i know he loves kid and want to have our own baby but then, i believe we need some planning. may be he's comfortable with his financial and have no worries but what about me? i think it's not easy to cope with the pregnancy thingy... :S

anyway, i've promised myself to be a better wife so i will try my best. i hope so does him. the upcoming life will be more challenging so i hope we can both face it together. we'll talk, respect and tolerant with each other, right dear?

early Happy Valentines to you! <3


  1. Nice post! :) And I like your friend's post too! Very true and meaningful!

  2. discuss and plan ahead with your hubs and i believe all conflicts can be solved easily. and you are so optimistic, great!

  3. Hayley, thanks for acknowledging what in my mind. I just want to share with all the women who read my blog that sex is very important in a marriage life. Do not neglect your man's sexual desire for our family goodness sake.

  4. Shirlexia, thanks!

    Yvonne, yea, discussion is important and its even important if our partner can try to understand and accept our thinking ;)

    Yan, haha, agree!

    Fancyland, you too babe!

  5. All the best!!! Kampateh...
    Wish ur both happiness forever~

  6. Evelyn, thank you dear.
    you too ok ;)


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