Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Only in Taiping...

... where you can find the yummiest rice noodles (冬粉). there's this uncle who runs the bicycle around the town, and use a fork and bowl as his bell. i'm sure all Taiping people know about him. he's been selling this for years...

got fish balls, meat balls and yau cha kuai, best served when it's still sizzling hot! and it's only RM 2.50 per bowl/pack! where else can you find such good deal?

and this, Pokok Asam famous laksa, runs by a chinese family. of course, this is the modified version of laksa, EK likes to add in 2 packs of Mamee and eat together with the laksa noodles =_="
the original ones definetely looks more normal


  1. errrr... i dunno abt the tungfun uncle.. LOL

    but that laksa looks.. uHm... o_O maybe i'll try to do the same one day..

  2. yea yea... my favorite 冬粉, the uncle older and older and the 冬粉become famous and famous... :)
    last time when young, everyday standby the bowl and waiting uncle coming! Just heard the bell ring and quickly run out to buy the 冬粉...LOL!!! wow,MISS it so much... and the laksa, sluurrpppp... i so hungry now!!!

  3. i dont see any uncle selling 冬粉 at my area... it must be tiring to cycle up the hill. but i had eaten his 冬粉 before when i was young - my dad bought it for me :)

  4. Hey! First time I saw people eating laksa with mamee one. Nice ah?

  5. Cryst, oh you dint know??
    yea, try it someday and let me know the taste :S

    Evelyn, yea! the 冬粉 is simply delicious!! and also the laksa!

    Yvonne, he always appear around the town area..

    Yan, haha. his modified version.. i dont know how it taste.. but my hubby loves it!

  6. wat a weird taste ek have....laksa campur mamee~~~ maybe i can introduce to my fren to try it out.....let them become the "white rat" 1st...hahaha~~~~

  7. Vinnie, haha ya. i wonder where does he gets the idea of such weird combination...


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