Friday, February 5, 2010

Valentine gift ideas

Again, Valentines Day is just 9 days away. do you have any ideas on what to give? and have you buy anything for your valentine?

i found an interesting topic this morning, gift ideas for your partner based on the length of your relationship.

1. Less than 3 months
If you’ve just started dating, keep your gift casual. At this point, anything expensive or too personal will send a scary I-like-you-a-little-too-much message. his favourite DVD or books is nice enough ;)

2. 3-6 months
This is a tricky in-between phase: You’re an official couple, but are still getting to know each other. Impress him by finding something creative that’s totally him. for example, if he's into taking pictures, buy him a tripod or camera gadgets.

3. 7-11 months

Okay, things are starting to get serious (even if he’s yet to admit it). A fun gift for this stage in the relationship is an experience you can have together, so you’ll build more shared memories. Try tickets to a concert or a football game.

4. 1-2 years

You’ve crossed over into the long-term commitment zone, so this is a great time to commemorate your relationship or show off how well you know him. Frame a cute picture of the two of you (have it printed out nicely, in black and white), or find something that will remind him of a fun time you had together. You can spend a bit more now that you’re pretty serious ($100-$200, depending on your budget) on a big-ticket item.

5. More than 3 years

After years of birthdays and holidays together, it gets tougher and tougher to come up with surprising gifts. A lot of women just grab stuff he needs, like socks or new button-downs, which is nice and all...but boring. Instead, get him a present where he’ll learn something new. If he’s adventurous, book him an exciting experience, like a flying lesson or hang gliding.

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so, anything in mind already? ^^


  1. ah.... i know i should buy him some gadget, like phone which incurs $. but since i'm so financial disable now, the cheapest way is to expose myself to him as his v-gift. maybe i can get $ from him as tips ..... wakakaka, joking only.

  2. Yvonne, lol, financial disable? i think most of our money is spent on clothing, cosmetics, facial etc etc. hehehe..
    i think your 2 kids are the greatest gifts for him :P

  3. Yvonne, great idea!

    Hayley, it's worth a thought you know. With the extra few hundred saved we can use it for another round of facial perhaps? (^_^)

  4. Wai Leng, haha, yea, we can spend that extras to pamper ourselves *grin*


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