Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wedding bells are ringing!

Friends around me are getting married one after another. like it or not, we've finally reach the age of marriage so i think its time to settle down.

Cryst had signed up her wedding photography package so i think her BIG day is coming real soon! :D
Annie is also planning her wedding and mostly will be held next year :D
a couple of friends have got their own house so i bet i'll get their red bomb soon too! :D

ask me whats my ideal wedding style and this picture is the answer! the ang moh style of garden wedding. so pretty and fun!
anyway, EK and i were discussing with John (the owner of Flora Art Taiping) about our wedding venue decorations last weekend. there're actually alot of things to be discussed =_="" i dint expect we'll spent like 2 hours there just to discuss on decorations for stage backdrop, aisle, guest counter, staircase, tables, types of flowers and colors, wrist and chest corsages, wedding cakes etc etc.
beautiful wedding cake

speaking about cake, i now realise that the common 3 layers wedding cake cost about RM 200++ (from Ipoh Bakery), and about RM 700++ if we order from La Promise Bakery. did you notice? it's RM 700++ for a 3-layers wedding cake!! call me jakun but i really dint aware of that. he said most of the ingredients from La Promise bakery is imported from England thats why it's expensive. but i have to admit, cakes from this bakery is really tastier compared to other bakery. but on second thought, i think we're not going to order such an expensive wedding cake. i mean, its important to save as much as we can. furthermore, its not that we dont have other alternatives right? plus, how many guests will actually really savor the cake? :S


  1. Hey ang mo Garden style wedding is also my dream wedding! Just that our country's weather makes it impossible lor...
    I LOVE LA PROMISE'S CAKES!!! But I agree, not many guests actually care about the wedding cake lar...

  2. hahaha just to share, the other day i enquired for a 5 tier wedding cake, guess how much it cost? ;) FREAKING RM5k+!!!! wtf.. 3 tier is about RM2k+ -___-" I should just venture into baking business or photography.. :(

    oh btw babe, are u getting makeup artist/ hairstyling from tpg? anyone to recommend?

  3. Seriously, I am like what, 23, and starting to worry about not being able to marry. As much as girls always think career comes first, at the end of the day, it is always back to the basic, to have a family there. right?

  4. Shirlexia, yep. garden wedding is so romantic! ;)

    Cryst, i guess that bakery is at KL? =_=""
    i'm asking Ivy (Medan Taiping) to make up for me, including hairdo. her skill is good, i have seen her photos.

    Erny, yea, home and family is where the heart is ^^

  5. wahlao... so romantic and pretty wedding, my dream wedding too!!!
    congrats ohhh... the big day coming soon... happy happy happy~

  6. ohoh, i love cakes! i never tried any wedding cake before, and i didn't have cake for my own wedding.

  7. Evelyn, thanks babe~ *nervous*

    Yvonne, hmm, may be order one and treat it as your wedding anniversary celebration? ;)


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