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Life is short

I am truly terrified by the accident happened few days ago at BHP petrol station Cheras, a man was killed by a skidding car. this is such a sad story!! he might not do anything wrong but then got killed and his life ended just like that T_T he might be careful, but the driver wasnt, so it makes no different...

besides, i've watched a video posted by some friends on a compilation of accidents happened around the world. innocent people got killed by drunk driver, motorists got hit, pedestrians got hit by giant lorries etc etc... all these trigger me to ponder about how fragile our life is... you know, the saying is really true, life is short, just enjoy every single moment we have. we never know what is going to happen tomorrow.. i believe everything is fated, they say God has a live and death book in His hand, when the times come, one has to report to Him, regardless of age.. its really scary!! sometimes we are careful enough, but what if others are not? :(

so i think we really must …

Buzzy day

Last Saturday happened to be a busy and also a food-day for myself.
met up with Carmen (my ex Form 6 school mate) for breakfast at Lian Thong. the last gathering we had was in Oct 2008. anyway, she did attend my wedding reception last 2 weeks. aint she sweet? ^^

signature egg toast from Lian Thong

self made honey lime, perfect for throat!

meet my friend, Carmen the minnie mouse :P

morning vain look

she's getting skinner everytime i see her.... gal if you see this, please eat more and take good care of yourself ok!

one last photo taken by the tauke's daughter

next, met up with Eve who was back from Sg for cheng beng
she ordered American breakfast from La Promise cafe

peach and mango smoothie for me, i dint order any food as i was still full after taking the egg toast

hot latte for Eve, ever since i knew her, she rarely takes cold drinks

Crystal joined later....
at night, aunty treat us for a fine dinner at Panorama cafe with the rest of the relatives....
sorry shaky hand

i ordered le…

Random and boring Monday

-I din't join the Earth Hour this year *shame on me*
i've thought about it but sometimes, some things are out of what i can control. i did switch off all the lights in the room as i was out having dinner with family. but there're still some lights being switched on in the house for security purpose.anyway, in this small town, Earth Hour wasn't that famous.. everything was still carried out as normal including cafes, restaurants, shoplots etc etc...

-I'm not having really adequate rest lately. reason being is, after my wedding and started to stay with EK, i always get distracted T_T and more jobs to do as i need to take care of the chores and himself. too bad, he dint lend me a helping hand, all he know is just to stick to his pc and TV and PS3 >=(
all these are great entertainers for guys but not for all girls... :S

Workout without using your wallet

1. Get a skipping rope
Skipping is a great cardio workout for our whole body, toning the legs, butt and stomach (perfect for me!)

2. Wii yourself fit
The numbers of games you can play with the Nintendo Wii is astouding, we can have fun exercising while pounding at your TV screen
(Tip: borrow your guy's so you dont have to pay a cent!)

3. Do the hula
Not only is it cheap and fun, it can burn up to 200 calories if you do it 30 mins straight!
(i always fail to spin the hula nicely, but i guess practice makes perfect!)

4. Train online
There are plenty of exercise videos available for free online, try searching youtube and

5. Use your feet
Walk everywhere, use the stairs instead of elevators, talk to a colleague in person instead of through the phone, or take a stroll after a dinner.
(i always love walking, i remember i used to walk alot during Uni time and not tired of it! and oh, shopping counts too ^^)

*infor from Cleo April issue*

The bachelorette night

Date: 13.03.2010 (Saturday)

It was my bachelorette night, aka 'Lao Thia Meh' in Hokkien. most of the things were already prepared in advance and when evening approached, i changed into a blue dress and put on my make up and waiting for all relatives and friends to come...

started to feel hot...

friends came

colleagues enjoying the food... l-r: PerngLing, MeeYen, me, Vinnie, SweeKean. they are my closest Uni mates. it was so kind of them to purposely came all the way from KL/Ipoh to attend this big day! miss ya!

group photo with colleagues with their family...


my ji mui for the day.. brother snapped it without saying 1 2 3 so everyone smiled at their most natural way.... with Tony and wife Cheery. they are expecting their 1st child in this coming August woohoo!

it was about 12am when the tai kam cheh came for the ti kong prayer. i changed into the new pyjama which MIL bought from China. preparing for ti kong prayer
after some prayers, its time for hair combing session. mum an…

Sleeping time

Sleep is one of the most important thing to do in life, besides eating and having sex :P i think you know that adults need an average 7-9 hours of sleep everyday. unfortunately, life these days is getting busier and hectic especially if you're working, married and have kids. hence the sleep quantity and quality has become even more important.

as for myself, i sleep averagely 7.5 hours everyday, not including nap time during the afternoon as i dont have the habits of napping (unless if i'm really really tired). i'm a very light sleeper so sometimes, it really troubles me alot =_=
things which can affect my sleep are such as:-
- change of bed (eg: sleeping at hotel/friend's place during a vacation)
- noise (i'm very particular about noise during bedtime, i've invest in few pairs of ear plug just to make sure i can sleep soundly)
- light (if possible, i request for total darkness. i've try wearing eye masks but i find it very uncomfy)
- worries/problems (including a…

HOT lunch!

Erm, i mean spicy lunch... ;)

Ever since the last visit, we've been planning to visit Tops Thai again. today while discussing what to eat for lunch, Yan called straight to order the dishes =_=
she ordered sambal petai, seafood tomyam and otak otak.
Yvonne drove us and we reached there at about 12.45pm and everything is almost ready. the food served right after we reached. such a quick service!
we had 2 plates of white rice and shared among the 3 of us..

the restaurant
sambal petai with medium big prawns

otak otak

must try seafood tomyam

and their yummy sambal belacan. luckily the restaurant is fully air-conditioned, otherwise i'm sure i'll sweat eating all these spicy food

we ordered 2 desserts to share since the menu on the wall is so tempting! this is crispy water chestnut in coconut cream, yummy!~

fantasy trio ball in coconut cream (such a nice name!), also very yummy~ all these cost us about RM 52.

3 of us finished everything!! :0
sigh, i've totally forgot about diet aft…

Great treat for the brothers and sisters

Best friends helped me alot during our wedding reception last 2 weeks. hence hubb and I decided to treat them a good meal at 湖景阁 restaurant @ Flemington Hotel. we booked 2 tables in the VIP room and ordered Phun Choy. this is the 3rd time i had this meal, the first time was last October with my colleagues, and the second time was during November.
this time, the Phun Choy has improved significantly.

yummy yummy~
fried bee hoon with crabs, this is the side dish we ordered, thinking that they might not feeling full with just the Phun Choy.. luckily everyone finished everything in the end ;)

usually good things sink at the bottom.. lol

friends forever, Tingki aka Annie and Crystal

ready? let's eat!

candid shoot, EK is always crazy in front of the camera

girls that night.. l-r: Karen, Ting, me, Annie, Crystal, Elie, Cheery (whom are preggie now), Emelyn, Pei Lian

random shoot

a decent photo of us

Crystal and I, she's going Sg soon, gonna miss her so much!!


last but not least, all o…