Friday, March 26, 2010

The bachelorette night

Date: 13.03.2010 (Saturday)

It was my bachelorette night, aka 'Lao Thia Meh' in Hokkien. most of the things were already prepared in advance and when evening approached, i changed into a blue dress and put on my make up and waiting for all relatives and friends to come...

started to feel hot...

friends came

colleagues enjoying the food...
l-r: PerngLing, MeeYen, me, Vinnie, SweeKean. they are my closest Uni mates. it was so kind of them to purposely came all the way from KL/Ipoh to attend this big day! miss ya!

group photo with colleagues with their family...


my ji mui for the day.. brother snapped it without saying 1 2 3 so everyone smiled at their most natural way....
with Tony and wife Cheery. they are expecting their 1st child in this coming August woohoo!

it was about 12am when the tai kam cheh came for the ti kong prayer. i changed into the new pyjama which MIL bought from China.
preparing for ti kong prayer

after some prayers, its time for hair combing session. mum and dad comb my hair from top to bottom while the tai kam cheh said the prayer. it was nearly 2am when everything is done, i was very tired already so i went to bed right after this. thank God i could sleep!

as for hubby's side, he went to bed even earlier than me as he was half drunk, lol...

must be enjoying themselves very much

same routine happened there...

hair combing session too

more on my big day next ;) stay tune!


  1. ah... i remember that night was fun with laughter & food.

  2. Yvonne, haha ya, i m glad everyone enjoyed despite the hot weather :S

  3. My kids, my husband and I were really enjoyed. Thanks for the night.

  4. Can't wait any longer for your wedding post!

  5. Shirlexia, haha, most photos and video are already in my FB!

  6. Hi Hayley, I love the cap you wearing in your profile pic, very stylish.
    And enjoyed looking at the lovely pics here. very nice.
    Very interesting too. You're a good photographer.
    Have a great weekend and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  7. Hey Uncle Lee, thanks for dropping by~
    have a nice day too!

  8. Hi there.

    May I know ur tai kam cheh is from which state?

    I'm looking for a tai kam cheh in kuantan.


    Siew May


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