Tuesday, March 16, 2010


... is all i wanted to say to my family, relatives, friends and colleagues who attended my wedding day! :D

finally, after months of preparation, the big event is over and ended perfectly. but it couldnt be more perfect without the helps of you all... i really appreciate all the hard works! fetching me here and there, helping me on the seatings, preparing the games etc etc... thanks to all my ji mui!! you girls did a wonderful job!

now i know getting married is a real tiring work.. i was very busy entertaining the guests until i forgot to greet/talk with some of the friends, really sorry for that. will try to make that up soon k..
i have rested for 2 days but still not enough. but i know anyhow, i'll be alright soon ;)
work will resume tomorrow and everything will be back to normal =_=

once again, thanks everyone for the lovely wishes and helps!



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