Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Buzzy day

Last Saturday happened to be a busy and also a food-day for myself.
met up with Carmen (my ex Form 6 school mate) for breakfast at Lian Thong. the last gathering we had was in Oct 2008. anyway, she did attend my wedding reception last 2 weeks.

aint she sweet? ^^

signature egg toast from Lian Thong

self made honey lime, perfect for throat!

meet my friend, Carmen the minnie mouse :P

morning vain look

she's getting skinner everytime i see her.... gal if you see this, please eat more and take good care of yourself ok!

one last photo taken by the tauke's daughter

next, met up with Eve who was back from Sg for cheng beng
she ordered American breakfast from La Promise cafe

peach and mango smoothie for me, i dint order any food as i was still full after taking the egg toast

hot latte for Eve, ever since i knew her, she rarely takes cold drinks

Crystal joined later....

at night, aunty treat us for a fine dinner at Panorama cafe with the rest of the relatives....
sorry shaky hand

i ordered lemon sauce fish fillet

Panorama fried meehoon mee to share

dad had BBQ lamb

EK had black pepper rib eye steak

mummy ordered chicken bolognese spagetthi

chicken and prawn omelette for aunty

last but not least, Hawaiian Paradise as dessert for both EK and i.. burpppp~


  1. Wei! Your weekend was really full of food. I spotted your friend, Carmen at your wedding. She is so pretty.

  2. Forget to mention, Hawaiian Paradise from Panoram and the toast egg from Lian Tong looked so delicious.

  3. wow~ looks like all the food are superb delicious! especially the dessert.
    it's been a while since i last visited panorama, am missing the food there.

  4. Yan, yea, she's very sweet ;)
    the ice cream is so so but the egg toast is really yummy~

    Yvonne, haha, another place to visit during lunch hour ^^

  5. Ooopssy... That's a lot of food!
    I know Carmen too... She was in Hua Lian for a few years. What is she doing now?

  6. Shirlexia, she's jobless now.. finding a new job...


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