Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Great treat for the brothers and sisters

Best friends helped me alot during our wedding reception last 2 weeks. hence hubb and I decided to treat them a good meal at 湖景阁 restaurant @ Flemington Hotel. we booked 2 tables in the VIP room and ordered Phun Choy. this is the 3rd time i had this meal, the first time was last October with my colleagues, and the second time was during November.
this time, the Phun Choy has improved significantly.

yummy yummy~

fried bee hoon with crabs, this is the side dish we ordered, thinking that they might not feeling full with just the Phun Choy.. luckily everyone finished everything in the end ;)

usually good things sink at the bottom.. lol

friends forever, Tingki aka Annie and Crystal

ready? let's eat!

candid shoot, EK is always crazy in front of the camera

girls that night..
l-r: Karen, Ting, me, Annie, Crystal, Elie, Cheery (whom are preggie now), Emelyn, Pei Lian

random shoot

a decent photo of us

Crystal and I, she's going Sg soon, gonna miss her so much!!


last but not least, all of us!! say cheese!
*photos credit to Jackie*


  1. You have a group of good sisters and brothers. Everyone looked so happy and enjoy on that night.

  2. it's always fun to gather with a bunch of close friends :)

    btw, when are we planning for phun choy? I haven't got to taste that dish yet.... *but i think we got enough of food, don't we?*

  3. Yan, yes we did! ^_^

    Yvonne, ya, our mind is full with food already.. our schedule is packed too! how leh...

  4. (^_^)

    Oooooo... I just love this picture of the two of you - http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_UGuwDKYplis/S6gS3fjr4xI/AAAAAAAADVE/Co1QqqMFIBs/s1600-h/13.jpg

    Anyway, congratulations once again and wish the both of you an eternal bliss and happiness.

  5. Wai Leng, haha me too ;) my hubby is always crazy with his pose..

    thank you! i bet you're getting excited for your upcoming wedding! :D


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