Wednesday, March 24, 2010

HOT lunch!

Erm, i mean spicy lunch... ;)

Ever since the last visit, we've been planning to visit Tops Thai again. today while discussing what to eat for lunch, Yan called straight to order the dishes =_=
she ordered sambal petai, seafood tomyam and otak otak.
Yvonne drove us and we reached there at about 12.45pm and everything is almost ready. the food served right after we reached. such a quick service!
we had 2 plates of white rice and shared among the 3 of us..

the restaurant

sambal petai with medium big prawns

otak otak

must try seafood tomyam

and their yummy sambal belacan. luckily the restaurant is fully air-conditioned, otherwise i'm sure i'll sweat eating all these spicy food

we ordered 2 desserts to share since the menu on the wall is so tempting! this is crispy water chestnut in coconut cream, yummy!~

fantasy trio ball in coconut cream (such a nice name!), also very yummy~
all these cost us about RM 52.

3 of us finished everything!! :0

sigh, i've totally forgot about diet after my wedding's over.. *slap self* i must not give up so easily as losing weight is my all time mission.


  1. yan ajak us again, tomolo.... are you in?

    my weight has been increasing dramatically, so sad - too many eating in this month

  2. Yvonne, that sounds very tempting.. but i think i'd better let my tummy rest for a while, lol..
    but who knows, i might change my mind tomorrow? :P

  3. Ladies, I just came back from lunch at Tops Thai again with my hubby. 2 of us also ate up to RM52. So, 3 of us weren't eating that much in fact. Sorry la! I don't want to see Mr.Saw for continously 3 days.

  4. Angeline, sure! but not sure we're going today or not, will let you know ya~

    Yan, thought you said going today? lol, nvm, lots of chances again in the future!


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