Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Life is short

I am truly terrified by the accident happened few days ago at BHP petrol station Cheras, a man was killed by a skidding car. this is such a sad story!! he might not do anything wrong but then got killed and his life ended just like that T_T he might be careful, but the driver wasnt, so it makes no different...

besides, i've watched a video posted by some friends on a compilation of accidents happened around the world. innocent people got killed by drunk driver, motorists got hit, pedestrians got hit by giant lorries etc etc... all these trigger me to ponder about how fragile our life is... you know, the saying is really true, life is short, just enjoy every single moment we have. we never know what is going to happen tomorrow.. i believe everything is fated, they say God has a live and death book in His hand, when the times come, one has to report to Him, regardless of age.. its really scary!! sometimes we are careful enough, but what if others are not? :(

so i think we really must appreciate every single seconds spend, every bit of air we are able to breathe in, everything we are able to eat, every single cent we are able to spend, everyone who are close to our heart.. and the list goes on.......


  1. This post of yours really make sense.

  2. such a meaningful entry... and i do believe life and death is destinated. live life to the fullness so you won't regret it later

  3. Yan and Yvonne, yea, the news really make me thought about life and death...
    so, we should live life to the fullest!


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