Sunday, March 21, 2010

Loving the fake

Dont we just love fake lashes? not only it's a good news for people who has short/scanty eye lashes like me, it can certainly enlarge our eyes amazingly! i am always a falsies lover! :D

besides the help of falsies, there're other alternatives to making our lashes to appear longer, curler and sexier. i know about eyelashes extension which may cause about RM 100 - RM 200 depending on the lashes thickness and volumeness. they may look natural but you have to maintain them at least once a month.
also, more advance technology like eyelashes implant. your lashes will look very natural and long. but they will grow and you'll need to always trim them on a consistent basis and it will cost about few thousands.
and a pair of fake lashes only cost from RM 2 to may be RM 100, depending on the brands. and we can chose whatever colors/patterns we want, so why waste so much money? :P
and if the technic is right, the effects can be same as the real eyelash implant too ;)


  1. I basically agree with you. I just came back from SaSa at JJ Ipoh. Invested in fake lashes, mascara and eye liner. All are essential to enhance our eyes makeup.

  2. Yan, well thats good! i like Sasa too ;)

  3. I love fake lashes too, am addicted to them lately. I was thinking of getting lash extension with extra volume, but where can get this service in town?? and i prefer professional one, but then ... so many concerns

  4. Yvonne, hmm, try asking beauty salon, i think they provide such services.
    falsies can make us very dependant... =_=


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