Saturday, March 20, 2010

Making a change

I started to keep my long hair about 6 years ago. until today, all i did was just abit trimming and make sure that my hair length is always below my shoulder.
but the fact is, long hair is much more harder to maintain compare to short hair. may be this is the reason of why i'm thinking to trim off my long hair now. now that my wedding is over, i have no worries anymore ;)
so i need a favor from you.. any nice short/layered hair you can recommend? i wont want to cut it to really short because i have a slightly round face. so i would prefer shoulder-length hair (at least).
i'm really dying to make a change but not until i've found a nice reference.

ya, something like this... i'm not too sure whether this hairstyle is already outdated, but it looks great still

or something straight and clean like this. easily maintainable... but not sure if it suits me :S

last but not least, Katie's short hair with bangs definetely looks great on her! i like this hairstyle so much!
photo sources here


  1. Hairstyle is really important to a person's appearance. No hurry la! Wait till you find one nice, and suitable hairstyle, because you still look good in your current hairstyle.

  2. Yan, yea, thats why i m very hardworking in searching for nice hairstyles through the net.. lol

  3. i think katie hairstyle nice...maybe u can try medium length...

  4. Honestly I'm quite bad with fashion and style.

    I like Katie's hair but for people like me it'll end up like "mushroom bob head" because my hair is thick. And since my hubby prefer to see me in long hair, I'll just leave it at that.

    Btw, have you asked EK's opinion??

  5. Celine, me like too ;)

    Wai Leng, oh, he's alright with anything, its up to me to decide :S

  6. If u willing to cut your hair short, it's nice & looks younger. If u uncertain, you can seek your hairstylist advice, they know which hairstyle suits our face shape. At first when I wanna cut it short I'm also quite nervous, luckily it turns OK and it's easy to manage.

  7. Hey girl, its been a while!
    ya, but i would prefer to bring some samples for her to see and seek for her advice ;)


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