Monday, March 8, 2010

Mixed feeling

There're times when you feel like blogging about everything everyday.. and there're times when you suddenly lost the moojoo to blog.. for the time being, i think i belong to the latter one :S

just came back from a short KL trip and once again, wedding is just 5 more days to go.. i hope/know things will be fine as i have bunch of friends to help out. they told me to relax, indulge in more facial treatment, smile and wait for the day to come ;)

i must say, i really tried to relax but sometimes couldnt help from feeling nervous and pressured. plus, works are getting heavier lately. it's like problems arise altogether at the same time :(

ok i think i better stop blabbing.. it's a Monday and i better find some other better things to do.. til then, have a great day ahead!


  1. ah... i feel the same too lately...
    *lazy bum*

  2. Hayley, I was in the mood of losing the moojoo to blog for quite some time liao. I think since before CNY till now. At first, I thought I was the only one like that.

  3. Yvonne and Yan, haha, seems like the virus is here.. hopefully it'll go away soon...


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