Monday, March 29, 2010

Random and boring Monday

-I din't join the Earth Hour this year *shame on me*
i've thought about it but sometimes, some things are out of what i can control. i did switch off all the lights in the room as i was out having dinner with family. but there're still some lights being switched on in the house for security purpose.anyway, in this small town, Earth Hour wasn't that famous.. everything was still carried out as normal including cafes, restaurants, shoplots etc etc...

-I'm not having really adequate rest lately. reason being is, after my wedding and started to stay with EK, i always get distracted T_T and more jobs to do as i need to take care of the chores and himself. too bad, he dint lend me a helping hand, all he know is just to stick to his pc and TV and PS3 >=(
all these are great entertainers for guys but not for all girls... :S


  1. Neither did I join Earth Hour this year. We were out too.

    Anyway, I don't know if you have your in-laws staying with you or not. But if it's only the both of you, try doing chores on alternate days. Spread things out a little so it's not too tiring. And let him know that he cannot complain HOW or WHEN you do your chores, UNLESS he helps out.

    It works for me. Good luck!

  2. Wai Leng, i stay with my in laws for the time being..
    but i also dint do the house chores all at the same go, i try to alternate the day.
    but sometimes it still feel tired too :S

  3. Hayley, I totally forgot about the earth hour. When I never I went back home and seeing my 2 little princesses, I tend to forget things and give all my attention to them nia! Hehehe! Motherhood is like that, you soon know what I mean later. Anyway, don't neglect yourself, no one will love you as much as you love yourself.

  4. Yan, i can understand 母亲的伟大! ;)
    yea, soon i will get to know that myself....

  5. i, too, complained to hubs on his laziness in helping around the house. but it's hard to change his behaviour. Now i only make sure he doesn't do any mess, instead of cleaning.

  6. Yvonne, hmm, i guess most men are like that (except for Yan's hubby :P)...
    but i think they should at least help out!

  7. hahaha.... get used to be a wife... lol... I guess is best you talk to EK and divide d chores out :)

  8. Ivy, divide also no use, end up he only make the things worst, and i have more jobs to do already =_=
    men are hard to change, especially when it comes to doing house chores...


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