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Sleeping time

Sleep is one of the most important thing to do in life, besides eating and having sex :P i think you know that adults need an average 7-9 hours of sleep everyday. unfortunately, life these days is getting busier and hectic especially if you're working, married and have kids. hence the sleep quantity and quality has become even more important.

as for myself, i sleep averagely 7.5 hours everyday, not including nap time during the afternoon as i dont have the habits of napping (unless if i'm really really tired). i'm a very light sleeper so sometimes, it really troubles me alot =_=
things which can affect my sleep are such as:-
- change of bed (eg: sleeping at hotel/friend's place during a vacation)
- noise (i'm very particular about noise during bedtime, i've invest in few pairs of ear plug just to make sure i can sleep soundly)
- light (if possible, i request for total darkness. i've try wearing eye masks but i find it very uncomfy)
- worries/problems (including arguements, works problem, pressure etc etc)

sometimes, i do have insomnia even though i think i'm mentally tired after the long day at work. all i know is to have some warm milk before bedtime and sometimes, it really works! besides, a little bit of alcohol/red wine helps too! remember, just a little bit will do, excess alcohol will only make you suffer and wake up in the middle of the night and end up feeling even more tired during the next day (yes, i've experience this few times) on top of that, i put on MP3 and listen to my favourite music and this helps to calm down my mind.

lately, i've read an article on ways to relax and helps to sleep better with no cost at all, which is to massage our neck and earlobe. rub your ears gently with your fingers for few minutes before going to bed. this helps in blood circulation and eventually calm down our mind/heart beat. it really works most of the time(for me)!
i think with this new tips i can expect less insomnia (hopefully) already! :D

*for more tips on sleep reliefs please click here*


  1. i encountered insomnia during my 2nd pregnancy - don't know why. it was hard to fall asleep after getting up for the midnight loo. Now the problem decreased due to physical & mental tiredness.

  2. Yvonne, no problem! ;)
    insomnia is really suffering and tiring.. :S i think it can be inherited as both my mum and dad have this problem since young =_=

  3. I have been so used to wear ear plug every night. Besides ear plug, I also use a smaller pillow to cover my eyes, it acts like eye mask. I prefer pillow than eye mask, because I like the pillow has more weight to press on my eyes, where eye mask is too light.

  4. Yan, oh, smaller pillow? hmm, i guess i wont used to it.. but anyway, thanks for sharing!


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