Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Some random wedding preparation

It was our bed arrangement day (安床日) last Thursday (auspicious date advised by the fortune teller). this event is one of the chinese wedding tradition. the bridal bed will be left untouched until the actual wedding day itself.
besides, i had shifted most of my clothes to hubby's place in advance and started to unpack/arrange bit by bit.
the red potty and washbasin and the cute pink bedsheet which match us, as hubby wears spec and i have long hair.. muahaha
some of the skin care/cosmetics

a summary look of the opened-concept wardrobe

our clothes

last but not least, manicure and pedicure which i had done 2 days before the actual wedding reception


  1. Your bedsheet is so cute. Your room is really awesome. Hehehe! Too bad that we didn't get to visit your bridal room. Luckily your share it here.

  2. i love your opened-concept wardrobe, really spacious!

  3. Yan, no worries, got chance can come over to see see... ^^

  4. Yvonne, i like it too.. for now its still enough, but i'm not sure about later... =_=

  5. i like ur bedsheet! it's cute >.<

  6. Celine, yea, we got it from Jusco, 1U during the last trip to KL...


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