Thursday, March 4, 2010

We had a great time!

Most of the chinese attended company CNY dinner last Saturday at Dragon Phoenix restaurant. some of us are very looking forward to this event and been thinking what to wear...

ok, i should let the picture do the talking now.. let's start with food!

1st dish to arrive was the Yee Sang...

mixed vegetable

pork leng/hand

crispy chicken


fried rice

Yvonne and me

with Karen

with Fuego whom married last year

MIS chinese ladies and gentlemen....

Yan, Yvonne and me

photo taken by an Engineering dept colleague

ALL of us! spot me spot me!

yum seng~

with other colleagues

haha, random photo when i sang at the stage

singing '你最珍贵' with Khoo

then, the most awaited event of the night, MIS girls singing Superstar by SHE and followed by 姐姐妹妹站起来 by 陶晶莹. everyone seems enjoyed by our performance.. lol..

it's nice to attend such occasion once a while.. we must learn to enjoy and relax after the long day at work. and this night, everyone sing, dance, drink, eat and enjoy ourselves very much.. some even drunk! nonetheless, we had a great time! ^^


  1. I agree. All of us contributed to the happening.

  2. Yan, yea.. but actually many people dint expect to see our unexpected perfomance.. lol


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