Sunday, March 28, 2010

Workout without using your wallet

1. Get a skipping rope
Skipping is a great cardio workout for our whole body, toning the legs, butt and stomach (perfect for me!)

2. Wii yourself fit
The numbers of games you can play with the Nintendo Wii is astouding, we can have fun exercising while pounding at your TV screen
(Tip: borrow your guy's so you dont have to pay a cent!)

3. Do the hula
Not only is it cheap and fun, it can burn up to 200 calories if you do it 30 mins straight!
(i always fail to spin the hula nicely, but i guess practice makes perfect!)

4. Train online
There are plenty of exercise videos available for free online, try searching youtube and

5. Use your feet
Walk everywhere, use the stairs instead of elevators, talk to a colleague in person instead of through the phone, or take a stroll after a dinner.
(i always love walking, i remember i used to walk alot during Uni time and not tired of it! and oh, shopping counts too ^^)

*infor from Cleo April issue*


  1. I like the no.3 and 5. I love doing these 2 a lot.

  2. Yan, yea, item 5 is the easiest and i'm loving it too ;)

  3. i'm gonna practice no.3 because I always fail to spin the hula too ~sucks!
    and i like all the priceless tips :)

  4. Yvonne, haha, me too! always fail to spin the hula.. but now let us start practicing! ^^


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