Friday, April 30, 2010

Nature's call

We've been planning to visit the Matang Mangrove Forest for quite some time but to no avail. anyhow we manage to somewhat force the rest to make up their mind and went there last Sunday.
Matang is situated at the northern coast of Perak, its about 20-30 mins ride from town area. according to source, this forest is the largest single mangrove forest in Peninsular Malaysia.

the nice view... we reached in the afternoon and surprisingly, not many visitors that day though it was a Sunday. i guess people were scare of the hot weather and prefer to stay indoor.

camwhoring first :P

this is our group photo before we begin our forest walk

the forest is quite big and i dint realise we actually spent nearly 1 hour there! there's a whole strench of wooden bridge and the air is fresh! no need worry about the hot sun as the sunlight is blocked by those tall trees

some random photos

funny/cacat poses by EK
we are best friends forever!
there're still alot of photos taken but am too lazy to post all, you can view the rest in my FB

after an 1 hour walk, most of us were sweating like a pig and felt tired. it was drizzling for a while but luckily we already reached the gazebo that time ;)
besides forest walk, you can take a 2-hours boat ride and enjoy the ambience. but since it was raining so we dint manage to take the boat. there're also some malay houses surrounding the forest and a small stall which sell drinks and fruits to quench your thirst. there're also several wooden chalets in the forest.
as 3pm approached, we made our way to Kuala Sepetang (Port Weld) which is about 5 mins ride from the forest. it was raining very heavily but it dint stop us, everyone were craving for its famous curry mee!
clockwise from top left: ice blended red bean, keropok ikan, laksa, curry mee (sorry i forgot to include the ice kacang photo =_=)
all of these are Sepetang famous food! you must try them if you visit Sepetang, they are simply delicious and cheap! besides, the big pao(tua pao) there is also very delicious but it usually selling fast, all the big pao were already sold out by the time we reached there :(
the whole trip ended in the evening and we were pretty satisfied! it's nice to have this kinda outings once in a while. hmm, i must make a trip there again just for their tua pao :P

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bad timing

We were on the way to town to have lunch, specifically lei cha. everything were smooth until we reached the junction near SSL hotel. several police officers were there to direct the traffic and we were forced to change to a total different direction to nowhere >=( there's some 1Malaysia function going on and the road is closed and we caught in the jam for about 10 mins, waiting for nothing.
i'm not so sure but cant they come out with some alternatives?? it was lunch hour and there's a long queue of vehicles including motorists who wanted to send their child to school. i'm sure everyone were pretty upset because of this.

just to show you some picts...


so we have no choice but to have lunch at SSL hotel....

snacks to fill our tummy first

black pepper udon and kuey teow with prawns

soup noddles with chicken and vege. ordered 2 small size of these and shared among 3 of us. a colleague from Purchasing department was there too and we got 10% discount on the total bill ;) overall i'm still satisfy with the food despite the displeasing incident
we were about 10 mins late to office and luckily boss dint comment anything, yet =_=

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The descent II

Remember the part I which showed somewhere in year 2005/2006?

Now part II is going to release on 20th May but i have watched it beforehand. how? yea you guessed it, pirated DVD :P (shhh...)

Sarah (Shauna MacDonald) who was believed to be the only one survived during a cave expedition, goes back to the same cave after much persuades from the sheriff in order to rescue her other missing friends. Sarah had lost memory of what happened in the cave and she dint even remember actually all her friends were dead, after attacked by a group of disgusting strange breed/predator who lives in the cave.

the story line is still similar, those who goes into the cave can never survive. i watched this at night and basically covered myself with blanket most of the times, lol. it's kinda scary and alot of shocking scenes =_=

rating: 3.5/5

synopsis here

Monday, April 26, 2010

I have got goosebumps!

This morning i left home to office slightly earlier than usual. once i approached the mini round-about at lake garden, i saw a police car parked at the roadside, and 2 policemen were there. some joggers/aunties/uncles who were there for their morning walk stopped and stared at the slide.

i know its absolutely normal for people to look and kepo whats going on but as i was driving, i need to pay full concentration on the road ahead. so i dint really pay attention on whats happening.
when i reached office, Yvonne asked me whether i've seen it. it was then i realised what happened. a man, suspected to be a chinese, hang himself at the children's slides just opposite the rocks =_=
it sounds so creepy! for once i am glad that i dint really see the whole body.

this children slides is quite a hot spot for kids, families and those wild monkeys. i believe after this incident, it's popularity will surely dropped.

i decided to pay a visit to a temple later after work for some pai pai, just to make myself feel better after seeing such thing.

Watch out tonight's paper or tomorrow news to see if there's any commit suicide case happened right here in Taiping.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tag: 10th photo from my Picasa album

It's been a while since i last blog about tags, Yan tagged me few days ago on a topic which goes like this: the person who got tagged will have to look for the 10th photo in his/her Picasa album and write something about the photo, then tag five other bloggers.

so i searched my Picasa album and this is the 10th photo:

this is part of the night parade in conjuction with the Nine Emperor festival which held October last year and i had blogged about the parade here. this post was also my first attempt blogging in Mandarin ;)

there're about 3-4 times of similar parades from different temples every year. during this time, the crowd will stand and wait at the road side waiting for the parade to start. the parade usually pass the busy town streets, every Buddhist love this parade especially little kids as they get to see beautiful decorations on vehicles and get free candies/chocolates/biscuits/breads/snacks. we are also able to get blessing from deities/ang kong by praying. besides beautiful vehicles, there're plenty of things to see too, such as band, giant flags, Tamil ang kong and sometimes lion/dragon dance etc etc.
everytime when the parade is done, you can see alot of candy wraps/bottles on the floor, hence the MPT cleaners will have works to do =_=

last but not least, thanks Yan for the tag!
i'm not tagging anyone in specific, so please feel free to blog about this tag too!

Friday, April 23, 2010


婚姻其实是件可喜又可悲的事。不久前,听人说某某人离家出走,因为她老公在外面搞三搞四。最近,又听到爸爸说,我在美国做工的表哥表嫂已在四年前离婚了,而我们是最近才知道的. 表嫂也带着两个孩子回沙巴娘家了。。原因是,表哥在公司认识了一名越南女同事,日久生情。。。。

我已有一段日子没见到表哥了,但是我对他的印象还蛮好的。。没想到他们之间也会出现酱的问题。。 所以说,很多东西都不能靠外表了。。我虽然对婚姻没什么经验,哈哈,不过我相信,在一段有问题的婚姻里,双方都有责任的。两人都必须对他们做的一切负责任。不过,还是很可怜那两个孩子,小小年纪就得在这样的环境下长大。



希望大家能找到自己的幸福 ;)

p/s: 今天不是什么情人节,我也没什么问题,哈哈,只不过最近实在有太多类似的新闻发生,我只不过发表自己的想法而已。。。

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Weekend filled with food

A friend offered us 2 tickets for a dinner last weekend. it was a 8-coursed dinner in conjuction with Kampung Boyan temple donation anniversary. so we supported him la since it was FOC, lol :P

dinner served by Siang Chi restaurant

top: spicy asam fish
bottom: deep fried prawns

before and after picture of sharkfin soup

top: roasted chicken
bottom: mixed vegetables

top: duckie
bottom: wu fu lin men (五福临门)

and friends... sorry no photo of me :(

i followed the gang to the temple right after the dinner. while they're feeding themselves with some alcohol, i took the chance to pray, asked for blessing for everything good for me and my family, greedy eh? :P

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What men think about our hair

Once i asked my hubby whats the first thing he will notice when seeing a girl, and his answer is her hair (seriously, i thought he would say her boobs, i mean, come on! its pretty normal right?)
phew, luckily my hair's first impression to him was still okay, lol... but what men really think about our hair? Yahoo did a survey and this is what they find out:-

1. Signature Styles
They asked, do you care if a girl styles her hair the same way every day? 71 percent said no. 29 percents said yes.
(from my point of view, its nice to have a hairstyle changed every now and then)

2. Boho Braids

Are boho braids cute or cuckoo? majority of the guys said cute and 17 percent said cuckoo.
(i've never try boho braids before, i think it need some skills to do the thing...)

3. Hair Up? Or Down?
Actually, it might be the action that matters just as much as the style! 43 percent of guys said they love watching a girl put up her hair, while 37 percent said they enjoy watching a girl let down her hair. 20 percent said both are equally hot and Leighton's covered either way.
(to me, of course both still look great! and i think it's pretty much depends on the occasion. eg: hair up during playing badminton games and hair down when attending a birthday party. hmm, something like that)

4. Asymmetrical Haircuts

When asked, what do you think of asymmetrical haircuts? 76 percent said they love them. 24 percent said they hate them.
(i fancy this haircut! but have no courage in owning one =_= some girl does look cool and sexy with this haircut)
5. Mega-Long Hair
Guys always say they like long hair best, but there has to be a cutoff point, right? When they polled their dudes, 55 percent of men found Lauren Conrad’s mid-length locks sexier than her mega-long mane.
(i know a few girls who have buttock-length hair, no doubt long hair is great for doing multiple hair patterns but too long will cause inconveniences too, it takes alot of time and energy for maintenance)

all photos taken from Google.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ice Kacang Puppy Love

Friends ajak me to watch this local movie yesterday, to my surprise, the cinema was full! but most of them are teenage boys and girls, i think my friends and i were the oldest in that cinema, lol..

ok back to the movie. set in a small town during the 90s, its about a love story between Botak (Ah Niu) and Da Jia Yu (Angelica Lee). besides, there're many local artist appeared in the movie such as Gary Chow, Fish Leong, Victor Wong, Penny Tai etc.

i love every details in the movie, they have those old chinese calendar and even old RM notes! how thoughtful is that! also, the Islam prayer between 4am-5am was recorded in the movie to indicate that sunrise is approaching.

its a touching yet funny movie talking about relationship, friendship and family love. i browsed through the team's FB fan page and find out it has over 20k fans! there're also alot of positive feedbacks on the wall post.

i would say, thumbs up for Ah Niu!
rate: 3.5/5

more infor here.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Another wedding event

They say the year of Tiger isnt good for wedding reception to be held but wait, there're quite a lot of couples who tie the knot this year! :D
last Saturday, a few of us attended a not-so-close friend's wedding, the reason why i said we're not-so-close is because, we're really not that close =_= we just met for a few times and surprisingly, she called up EK on Tuesday and invited us verbally.
anyway, we attended her wedding reception at Flemington Hotel with our hearts filled with best wishes for them!
we called her Ah Fang, she's a very friendly girl!

hubby and i, i did a temporary hair straightening, nice? :P

top: their wedding photography
bottom: cut cake session (sorry for the bad quality cause shot from far and no photos with the newly wed)

clockwise from top left: 五福临门, sharkfin soup, mixed vege with yam, salted chicken

clockwise from top left: deep fried nestum prawns, steam fish, crispy puff and green cake for dessert, duck

when the dinner is finished, we went to the usual hang out place and again, they had their crazy beer session :(

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Surprising Symptoms of Stress

Stress has become one of our daily friend these days. i've learnt from this article that if our body reacts differently, its time to pay serious attention and should not ignore them.
so, check these few points to see if you're too stressed!

1. Tweaked Muscles
The pain in your neck that you attributed to long hours at the computer could actually be a symptom of stress. it definitely affects our musculoskeletal system, resulting in tight, contracting muscles. So, try to take 5 to 10 deep breaths and focus on relaxing the tense area of your body and for the neck, try gentle neck rolls or enlist your spouse to give you a quick shoulder rub.
(this is the most common problem i have, my shoulder and neck are sometimes painful, i have invest on some shoulder massage cream and must try this simple exercise!)

2. Eye Twitching
This can be annoying. expert says closing your eyes and visualizing your happiest place on earth will help. Also, avoid stress-related eye issues by giving your peepers a break now and then. If your eyes get stressed from detailed work at the computer, 'stretch' them every 20 minutes by looking out the window at a larger landscape.
(Eye is one of the most important organ, so dont neglect them! i am already short sighted and still need to face the monitor everyday =_= i guess i really should do something now!)

3. Nausea
Have you ever been worried about a loved one's (or your own) health condition, Googled it and suddenly felt nauseated? Stress can upset the stomach, and nausea can be a byproduct of worry. Worrying about your health or a loved one's is normal, but obsessing about it is unhealthy. If your anxiety is causing nausea, try this trick: Let tepid water run over your fingers; it's believed to keep nausea at bay.
(i dint know stress can cause nausea! luckily i dint have much problem on this, yet)

4. Sleepiness
Feeling sluggish? It could be stress. Stress hormones cause our body to surge with adrenaline and then crash into sleepiness, it will also ruin the quality of our sleep, so we'll wake up tired and irritable. so try go to bed earlier, or if possible catch a 30-minute nap midday, and don't feel guilty about doing so.
(i wish i could nap for a while everyday! haha but thats quite impossible as we all have works to do.. so its important to make sure we get at least 7 hours of sleep every night!)

5. Confusion
You can't decide what to make for dinner, what to wear to work or which exit to take off the freeway. Stress causes distraction and lack of focus. it is suggested to take a walk and move the stress out of your body by exercising large muscle groups like the legs. Sunlight helps the body release serotonin to improve mood, and vitamin D helps you improve your immune system-a great perk.
(yea, sometimes i feel a sudden rush of confusion on works/things which i really dont know why.. we must learn how to overcome this by trying the tricks provided. i hope everyone stays healthy and happy!)

Friday, April 16, 2010


After the first trip there, we decided to give it a try again, Alfresco Bistro @ SSL hotel. this time around there were free pop corns and snacks for the customers! and of course, nice R&B and pop music throughout the whole night!

it was ladies night so each of us were entitled a glass of apple vodka, for free!

Guinness Stout for the gentlemen

l-r: Ai Suan, Angeline, Crystal, Annie

All of us!

with pretty mummy-to-be, Cheery.

Crystal and i, slant the photo so that we look slimmer haha :P

all of us again! no worry that we look dark here, minimise the fats :P

and last but not least, not forgetting the guys! Tony, WN, Boon and EK!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another sushi treat

Today is the last day of sushi king RM2 bonanza, colleagues and i took this opportunity to pay a visit to sushi king, deciding to break the record of 10 plates per person, lol :P
this is my 2nd visit this week, the 1st one was on Tuesday, with Crystal and Annie.

all red plates

egg mayo

potato salad

takohachi sushi

i walloped a total 24 plates! haha, of course i dint! they were shared among the 4 of us... so each of us had about 6 plates averagely.

satisfied and definetely worth it!
9 hours to go before the bonanza ends! so, what are you waiting for? ;)