Friday, April 16, 2010


After the first trip there, we decided to give it a try again, Alfresco Bistro @ SSL hotel. this time around there were free pop corns and snacks for the customers! and of course, nice R&B and pop music throughout the whole night!

it was ladies night so each of us were entitled a glass of apple vodka, for free!

Guinness Stout for the gentlemen

l-r: Ai Suan, Angeline, Crystal, Annie

All of us!

with pretty mummy-to-be, Cheery.

Crystal and i, slant the photo so that we look slimmer haha :P

all of us again! no worry that we look dark here, minimise the fats :P

and last but not least, not forgetting the guys! Tony, WN, Boon and EK!


  1. It is always good to hang out with friends. Especially you still have no children. Once you have children, your life will totally change.

  2. ohhh... free drink on ladies night ^.^ what day, ar? i think i wanna go and have a try. The ambience is so nice

  3. Yan, yes, gathering once a while like this is great!

    Yvonne, every Wednesday! try persuade your husband to go and have a try! ;)

  4. Hi there!

    Wow, the place looks nice and that Apple Vodka seems tasty! There's a lemon thrown in too! I totally adore drinks with lemon thrown in it.

  5. Hello HalfCrazy,
    yep, the Apple Vodka is tasty! it's not too alcohol which is just perfect for ladies! ;)


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