Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another sushi treat

Today is the last day of sushi king RM2 bonanza, colleagues and i took this opportunity to pay a visit to sushi king, deciding to break the record of 10 plates per person, lol :P
this is my 2nd visit this week, the 1st one was on Tuesday, with Crystal and Annie.

all red plates

egg mayo

potato salad

takohachi sushi

i walloped a total 24 plates! haha, of course i dint! they were shared among the 4 of us... so each of us had about 6 plates averagely.

satisfied and definetely worth it!
9 hours to go before the bonanza ends! so, what are you waiting for? ;)


  1. i also went with my husband and my 2 girls again. We ate 21 plates. Still couldn't 10 plates per person. As my daughtets took 3 plates each. My husband and myself shared 15 plates. :)

  2. Yan, thats not so bad! but really wonder how could one took 10 plates at one go?? =_=

  3. this bonanza only comes twice annually. must really eat till drop. now waiting for Oct... keke. all i can think of is food.

  4. Yvonne, haha, its really worth it lo... can plan to go again in Oct...


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