Monday, April 19, 2010

Another wedding event

They say the year of Tiger isnt good for wedding reception to be held but wait, there're quite a lot of couples who tie the knot this year! :D
last Saturday, a few of us attended a not-so-close friend's wedding, the reason why i said we're not-so-close is because, we're really not that close =_= we just met for a few times and surprisingly, she called up EK on Tuesday and invited us verbally.
anyway, we attended her wedding reception at Flemington Hotel with our hearts filled with best wishes for them!
we called her Ah Fang, she's a very friendly girl!

hubby and i, i did a temporary hair straightening, nice? :P

top: their wedding photography
bottom: cut cake session (sorry for the bad quality cause shot from far and no photos with the newly wed)

clockwise from top left: 五福临门, sharkfin soup, mixed vege with yam, salted chicken

clockwise from top left: deep fried nestum prawns, steam fish, crispy puff and green cake for dessert, duck

when the dinner is finished, we went to the usual hang out place and again, they had their crazy beer session :(


  1. I went to Flemington for dinner on Sunday, still saw your friends' names on the wall. Hehehe!

  2. Yan, oh is it? hehe, guess they were too busy to remove the decorations...


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