Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bad timing

We were on the way to town to have lunch, specifically lei cha. everything were smooth until we reached the junction near SSL hotel. several police officers were there to direct the traffic and we were forced to change to a total different direction to nowhere >=( there's some 1Malaysia function going on and the road is closed and we caught in the jam for about 10 mins, waiting for nothing.
i'm not so sure but cant they come out with some alternatives?? it was lunch hour and there's a long queue of vehicles including motorists who wanted to send their child to school. i'm sure everyone were pretty upset because of this.

just to show you some picts...


so we have no choice but to have lunch at SSL hotel....

snacks to fill our tummy first

black pepper udon and kuey teow with prawns

soup noddles with chicken and vege. ordered 2 small size of these and shared among 3 of us. a colleague from Purchasing department was there too and we got 10% discount on the total bill ;) overall i'm still satisfy with the food despite the displeasing incident
we were about 10 mins late to office and luckily boss dint comment anything, yet =_=


  1. Keke... this restaurant is reputed to be superb slow in their service. But luckily all our food arrived in less than 10 minutes. Better than Old Town coffee shop. The food is nice though :)

  2. Yvonne, yes, i've encountered those bad experience before but luckily our dishes arrived on time just now... ;)

  3. I was fuming with the road block just now, but thank God that Yvonne and you were with me. So, we were able to change the worst situation to a better one, just by changing our own thought and attitude. At the end, we still go a very satisfying lunch, and we were just 10 mins late. Big applause to ourselves.

  4. Yan, yea i can understand the frust if i were the driver. anyway, let's get over it and pray that no such things will happen again :S

  5. See your pics...I hungry lah...haha...nvm, I'll be back to malaysia soon!

  6. Road block for lunch... that's really upsetting for tummies! >0<

    Well atleast you have a satisfying lunch, not bad afterall, lol! Have a nice day!

  7. Erny, be sure to eat all you can when you're back! :P

    Alice, yes, i think you can imagine how we felt...
    but luckily our tummies were satisfied at the end of the day! :)

  8. Hi Hayley, nice luch, and that kueh teow looks delicious.
    You take good pics too.
    You have a nice day and stay beautiful, Lee.

  9. Lee, forgot to mention some of the photos are taken by Yvonne ;) she have her camera stand-by almost all the time...
    you too, enjoy your day!

  10. oh seems like u met the traffic with that 1Malaysia thing i told u. I also went out abit early to fetch my son, luckily the event havent start yet!! Pheew.....

  11. Angeline, ya lo, we dint expect they will blocked Kamunting cause previous day they blocked only town area... *geram*


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