Thursday, April 1, 2010

Beauty products from your kitchen

*Happy April Fool to all of you!*

We know about DIY home masque like eggs, honey, strawberries, cucumber etc etc.. but apart from these common food, there're still other tools/food we can make use of for beauty purpose.

1. Soda cans
Not only to be used for recycle purpose, soda can is a good cheap tool for curling our hair! cant get the idea?? refer this picture:
snap shot of Lady Gaga in her MV 'Telephone'

get the idea?? haha, she is such a weirdo! i never thought of using soda can to curl my hair! according to her, the longer the cans stay in, the better the curls!

2. Coffee grinds

Besides drinking it, use the coffee grounds to rub on your thighs, arms or tummy and wrap with plastic wrap for 30 mins. it's believed that the grinds will reduce cellulite marks within a few days. such an amazing tips right?

3. Avocadowe know this fruit is great for facial mask, but its also a good news for damaged and fried hair. cut avocado into small pieces and mix with a few tbsp of olive oil. wash your hair and then apply the mixture and work it through with a comb. leave it for few mins and rinse off.

4. Tomato juice

To keep your hair shiny, apply the juice straight from the can and work through with a comb. Let it sit for 15 minutes before rinsing out. sounds so easy imma try it some day!

great tips taken from here


  1. wow.... the benefit of empty cans, i never thought of it. my hair is still too short, don't know will get the effect of curls boh?

  2. Yvonne, same here.. i've just cut my hair so not able to try this method at the moment. if only this post came out earlier.... lol..


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