Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cheap foodie

We celebrated Boon's belated birthday on Saturday at 8383 restaurant, Pokok Asam.
last time there was this hot and sexy tauke soh there, but i dint see her this time, and then i also realised all the workers even the chefs are different person already. so, most probably the business is taken by this new boss already...
the food is so so la, but the service is damn slow. we waited for 1 hour 10 mins for our dishes to arrive =_=""
however, i can say the waiting was worth because the food were damn cheap! we ordered 8 dishes, with 2 pots of chinese tea, there were a total 13 of us, and all these cost only RM 99! :0

Hubby and i, i told you he's always crazy in front of the camera
ku lou yok, stir fry kailan

deep fried sotong, fried eggs with bitter gourd

signature chicken, mixed vege and tofu

curry prawns and bread, kam heong baby shark


  1. Wow~~~~
    That is damn cheap! 13 of you for RM99! That's like...RM7.60 per person! Phew~

  2. Shirlexia, yea! you can try it! but be prepared to wait la =_=

  3. wah... really cheap ohh! next time call to booking first can ah?! I very impatient ohhhh~ :s

  4. Evelyn, i think can, but i dont have their number la.. hehe

  5. mmm, the food looks yummy and so darn cheap. i seldom eat there, too bad :(

  6. Yvonne, oh, may be you can try it someday, better choose weekday.. and must ready some snacks for your kids...


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