Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The descent II

Remember the part I which showed somewhere in year 2005/2006?

Now part II is going to release on 20th May but i have watched it beforehand. how? yea you guessed it, pirated DVD :P (shhh...)

Sarah (Shauna MacDonald) who was believed to be the only one survived during a cave expedition, goes back to the same cave after much persuades from the sheriff in order to rescue her other missing friends. Sarah had lost memory of what happened in the cave and she dint even remember actually all her friends were dead, after attacked by a group of disgusting strange breed/predator who lives in the cave.

the story line is still similar, those who goes into the cave can never survive. i watched this at night and basically covered myself with blanket most of the times, lol. it's kinda scary and alot of shocking scenes =_=

rating: 3.5/5

synopsis here


  1. I don't think I'm going to watch this horror movie. I'm not very brave to go through 2 hours looking at bloody scenes and horrible sounds.... wait, I think I'm more afraid of the shocking scene. I've weak heart.

  2. Yvonne, i watched it because my husband is around, and i make sure i have a thick comforter to cover my eyes, lol...

  3. Hello Hayley, regret not familiar with this movie.
    My last movies were 'Memoirs of a Geisha, Last Samurai and Letters from Iwo Jima.

    Incidentally, one of my hobbies is portrait photography, and looking at your lovely profile in your sidebar, you sure have the kind of looks photographers love.

    Hmmm, under different circumstances, I sure lepas handbrake if see you.....get florist to deliver a bouquet of roses invite you for a dinner date, *wink*, ha ha.
    You stay beautiful and have a nice day, Lee.

  4. Thanks for the lovely compliment Lee *blush*

    i do enjoy photography session, and of course in order to produce a good picture the skill of the photographer is important too ;)

    enjoy your day!


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