Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Friend or enemy?

High heels are one of the woman's best friend. not only do they make us look fashionable, they only bring out a leaner and sexier silhouette! but did you know wearing too high heels will cause problems to our foot and ankle?
with the increase of pretty, sexy high heels, there's also an increase in problems related to abnormal or altered foot and ankle mechanics. experts say, shoes with more than 2 inch heel can be dangerous, though certain styles are better than others.
besides, tendinitis, severe ankle sprains and torn ligaments are other symptoms which may arise after extended high heels wear.
if you really must slip on to those high heels, spare a pair of sandal/commuter shoes in your office and wear them. also, massage your feet and rolling them over a golf ball or ice when you take off your shoes at night and gripping a towel and holding your foot up for 15 seconds, three times a day, can also help strengthen the intrinsic muscles of the feet.
or, the next time when you're shopping, opt for wedges which are much safer because your weight is distributed across a greater surface area.
however, i think a moderate wear of high heels is the most important key.

you know this, she's the famous celebrity with her weirdest fashion taste, Lady Gaga. this is her wearing a 12-inch heels from Alexander McQueen, in her MV Bad Romance. i wonder how could one possibly walk in this crazy high heels??

another design from Alexander McQueen, also a 12-inch high heels which the model wore during a fashion show =_=""

ok, this one certainly look more normal, but i still cant imagine walking in this killer heels, from Yves Saint Laurent

no doubt it's super tall, i like this the most! bulky and thick on the front, this fashion is one of the most popular design this year. from Versace.

*all infor taken from here*


  1. Wow, 12 inch high heels! I wonder how they walk in it. But i find McQueen's design a bit wacky. Too overated. Not my type of shoes :p

  2. Yvonne, yea, i think McQueen shoes are mostly for celebrities or fashion shows.. not really suitable for us...


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