Monday, April 26, 2010

I have got goosebumps!

This morning i left home to office slightly earlier than usual. once i approached the mini round-about at lake garden, i saw a police car parked at the roadside, and 2 policemen were there. some joggers/aunties/uncles who were there for their morning walk stopped and stared at the slide.

i know its absolutely normal for people to look and kepo whats going on but as i was driving, i need to pay full concentration on the road ahead. so i dint really pay attention on whats happening.
when i reached office, Yvonne asked me whether i've seen it. it was then i realised what happened. a man, suspected to be a chinese, hang himself at the children's slides just opposite the rocks =_=
it sounds so creepy! for once i am glad that i dint really see the whole body.

this children slides is quite a hot spot for kids, families and those wild monkeys. i believe after this incident, it's popularity will surely dropped.

i decided to pay a visit to a temple later after work for some pai pai, just to make myself feel better after seeing such thing.

Watch out tonight's paper or tomorrow news to see if there's any commit suicide case happened right here in Taiping.


  1. 太平已不再太平, 最近好像很多事情发生哦!
    除了打劫和命案, 现在的小孩问题也很多哦~ *sad*
    真的要多拜点神, 有拜就有报佑! take care oh...

  2. T_____T
    I'm one of the kaypoh aunties who happened to see the dead body. Trying to be a good Samaritan (or a nosy parker) and ended up getting a fright of the day. Luckily he was facing towards inside, or else I'll be having nightmares after looking at his poor face.

  3. Evelyn, 太平在几年前已不再太平了。。

  4. Yvonne, ya, luckily he was facing inside.. now what we can do is stop going there and be careful...

  5. That is creepy man!!
    I remember my dad told me he saw someone hung himself last time.He said, the look, will haunt u forever if u see. Very very scary.

  6. Additional public place will be declared as haunted area in Taiping. I will remember not to bring my children there next time.

  7. Erny, yes! even i dint see the real thing, i still feel creepy!!!

    Yan, i'll remind myself not to look whenever i pass by that place... :S

  8. omg u serious!! T__T but of all places, why the slides?? u mean the 2 big famous slides near the tennis court arr? that's my fav place to go.. :(

  9. Cryst, the one opposite the 'dinasour rocks' you know? just beside the big football field there....

  10. Angeline, yaya, somemore it's a children playground... yaicks~

  11. Euew~ Why choose a children playground??? ==|||

  12. Shirlexia, yes, everyone were questioning, why the children playground?! no one dare to go there anymore....


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