Saturday, April 3, 2010

Korean fever

Hubby has been obsessed with korean dramas since few years ago, after i recommended him to watch Full House. since then, he's been spending hundreds invest in original DVD(s) (back then, online download wasnt so hit yet)

but ever since last year, he has lost his interest in chasing korean dramas, biasa la, hangat hangat tahi ayam. but not until few days ago, his love for Korea has once again rise up. he is constantly watching all the MVs by Super Junior through PPS stream. i can tell you his routine whenever he's back from work -> sitting in front of the monitor browsing all MV/movies which has SJ in it, as well as downloading their songs, not even bath or change his smelly work uniforms. sometimes i really feel like rotan him and urge him to bath, just like how mummy would chase their kids for bath =_="
SJ in their MV, super girl

cool guys with the female model in this MV

ok, i have to admit, they are really cool!

i asked him why he's so into SJ lately and he couldnt answer me. i think may be he has become a crazy huge fan of SJ just like how other teenage girls do. and oh, may be he wanna learn all the dance steps from them!! (i admit, they're really good in dancing) or perhaps, he has started to admire these cute guys... :0
but who knows, may be this time around, he's only hangat hangat tahi ayam?? hmm, we'll see....


  1. A guy crazy over Super Junior??? This is new~!

  2. Shirlexia, haha, thats totally something new for my hubby =_=

  3. hahaha... i totally understand your feeling as my hubs was once head over heel in anime. like you said, downloading from the internet wasn't a hit back then. he bought a whole room of anime series and spent a fortune in it.

    the funny thing is, ever since astro introduced anime channel, his passion went down. he didn't collect anime nor watch them anymore.

  4. Yvonne, i think guys share the same common habits.. funny and weird!

  5. guy crazy over boyband group...kinda new for me

  6. Celine, you think so?? haiz, SJ is all his favourite now.... =_="

  7. I can accept if my partner adores SJ, as they are really good. i cannot accept if my partner adores Wonder Girls and keep sing "nobody, nobody, but you.".

  8. Yan, lol..
    my hubby listen to this song too, but luckily he's not too over obssessed.. phew~


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