Friday, April 2, 2010

My morning tea ceremony

*Long post!*

Date: 14.03.2010
Venue: Home sweet Home

Woke up as early as 6am to get ready for my bridal makeup and hairdo at Ivy's place. Crystal, my bridesmaid fetched me there and waited for me patiently for the whole process, how nice!

the whole thing supposed to finish earlier but the previous bride was late for about 30 mins, so, i had to waste 30 mins waiting for nothing =_=

tada~ view from the back, super love this hairstyle!

photo stolen from Ivy's FB. she is really a professional make up artist!

at 10am, i reached home and getting ready to welcome the groom and his brothers ;)
random shots

me! :D

photo session with my dearest sisters, take I

take II

take III

photo session with relatives and my brother, take IV

take V
it was 10.30am when EK reached....

the brothers in black and white

with my dearest family

basically, EK and his 12 brothers were supposed to go through 6 different games before he was allow to see me, lol.
1st: drinking sweet syrup which consist of rock sugar and brown sugar;
drinking sour lime juice;
drinking bitter gourd and leaves juice;
eating curry instant noodles with loads of chili padi and curry powder.
2nd: look for an ice cube in the pail which has my house door key frozen inside, next, figure out how to get the key (they rubbed the ice using their palms).
3rd: one guy lie on the floor with the long wasabi bun in his mouth, the other guy pumping on top of him and bite the bun.
4th: blow the super thick balloon, then 2 guys break it using their abdomen.
5th: EK reading the love poem as loud as he could and make sure i hear it ;) (sounds very outdated but it's a must!)
6th: last but not least, look for my room door key which hidden inside a pail of ice, using only the feet.
haha, finally~

tea ceremony, ancestors praying and photo session

group photo with relatives

group photo with friends

my favourite photo!
next, we headed back to EK's place.


another family photo with grandma

the same flow happened at EK's place which include tea ceremony and photo session. then headed back to our room and thats the end of the whole morning ceremony! phew~ damn tiring and hot!!

it was a very tiring event, i couldnt even find the time to nap/rest after the morning ceremony, as i need to change and rush to Ivy's place again for my dinner makeup and hairdo =_=
anyway, really thanks to all the sisters (especially Esther) who helped me in preparing the games, as well as to the brothers who were willing to accept those challenges on behalf of EK.
it was tiring, but it was real fun!! :D


  1. No doubt it was tiring, but it was a meaningul and joyful day. This will certainly give a life time memory.

  2. Yan, yes it is! i bet everyone has this once in a life time experience ;)

  3. the games organized by your sisters were very entertaining. i had a good laugh watching the video on FB! everyone enjoyed till the last.

  4. Yvonne, yea, all thanks to their briliant ideas.. haha..

  5. Congratulation on your lovely wedding, was tracking from Sheoh Yan and yvonne's blog!
    Warm and beautiful pictures you have here, wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

  6. Alice, i saw your name in their blogs too!
    thanks for dropping by~
    you have a great weekend too ^^

  7. I can feel your tiredness... Even as early as in the morning... Look at those loads of pics you took with your friends and family! LOL!

  8. Shirlexia, ya, took loads of photos! its a once in life time experience afterall....

  9. sound really fun and joyful~although never experience thru self but still can felt the happiness as well! Once again, congrats on ur lovely wedding!!! ;)


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