Friday, April 30, 2010

Nature's call

We've been planning to visit the Matang Mangrove Forest for quite some time but to no avail. anyhow we manage to somewhat force the rest to make up their mind and went there last Sunday.
Matang is situated at the northern coast of Perak, its about 20-30 mins ride from town area. according to source, this forest is the largest single mangrove forest in Peninsular Malaysia.

the nice view... we reached in the afternoon and surprisingly, not many visitors that day though it was a Sunday. i guess people were scare of the hot weather and prefer to stay indoor.

camwhoring first :P

this is our group photo before we begin our forest walk

the forest is quite big and i dint realise we actually spent nearly 1 hour there! there's a whole strench of wooden bridge and the air is fresh! no need worry about the hot sun as the sunlight is blocked by those tall trees

some random photos

funny/cacat poses by EK
we are best friends forever!
there're still alot of photos taken but am too lazy to post all, you can view the rest in my FB

after an 1 hour walk, most of us were sweating like a pig and felt tired. it was drizzling for a while but luckily we already reached the gazebo that time ;)
besides forest walk, you can take a 2-hours boat ride and enjoy the ambience. but since it was raining so we dint manage to take the boat. there're also some malay houses surrounding the forest and a small stall which sell drinks and fruits to quench your thirst. there're also several wooden chalets in the forest.
as 3pm approached, we made our way to Kuala Sepetang (Port Weld) which is about 5 mins ride from the forest. it was raining very heavily but it dint stop us, everyone were craving for its famous curry mee!
clockwise from top left: ice blended red bean, keropok ikan, laksa, curry mee (sorry i forgot to include the ice kacang photo =_=)
all of these are Sepetang famous food! you must try them if you visit Sepetang, they are simply delicious and cheap! besides, the big pao(tua pao) there is also very delicious but it usually selling fast, all the big pao were already sold out by the time we reached there :(
the whole trip ended in the evening and we were pretty satisfied! it's nice to have this kinda outings once in a while. hmm, i must make a trip there again just for their tua pao :P


  1. I have been to this place with my family too, but seems like you have more fun there than mine.

  2. I have been there with group of schoolmate and teachers when primary 6... how memorable~ my family and I so love the tua bao... long time no eat d, miss so much!!! and I like the 3 ka bao too... yummy yummy~

  3. Heard of this place, but never stepped my foot there before. I'm not a nature lover >.<

  4. Yan, i admit i had a great time there spending with my friends! ;)

    Evelyn, yes, i miss the tua pao too, but dint manage to eat this time :(

    Yvonne, i'm not really a nature lover also, lol.. just went there for fun and kill some time since most of us are free...

  5. Hello Hayley, wow! Your this posting brought back memories to me.
    I have been to this place many times back in the 60s, early 70s. And Port Weld with its many charcoal klins then.
    The charcoal from here would be brought to Penang and KL to be sold.

    I love Taiping too and its beautiful lakes.
    I really enjoyed looking at your well taken pics here.
    Great to be young. You have fun and stay easy, Lee.

  6. Hi Lee, Taiping is really a nice place! and so does this Port Weld which is famous for its food!
    i'm a photography fans so i really enjoy going outings like this...

    you too, have a nice day ahead! ;)


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