Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Save power, save money

I mentioned here that i dint really participate in the previous Earth Hour, so its time to pay back what i dint do, lol..

anyway, how much is your monthly house electricity bill? when i was still staying with my parents, the maximum is about average RM30-RM40. if we dint turn on the air cond so often for that month, it would be about only RM20+.
however, i learn from hubby that his house electricity bill can goes up to RM1k+ in a month, especially if there's event held at home, such as our wedding dinner night last month. so, its time to learn on how to cut down on this billing.

i've learn how to save electricity through this useful site.

1. Check this: refrigerators suck up a whopping 20% of your household electricity use. Time to turn them down! Aim for somewhere between 38-42 degrees in the fridge, and 0-5 degrees in the freezer. If you've got an energy saver switch, make sure it's flipped on. Doors should be sealed tight: to test, stick a dollar bill between the gaskets and close the fridge door; if the bill is hard to pull out you're in good shape. If not, it's time to replace the gaskets.

2. Wash only full loads in your dishwasher, and if you have time, let them air dry by turning off the drying cycle manually—this can save 20% of your dishwasher's total electricity usage.

(i think most of us does not engage in dishwasher at home, unlike those cafes/restaurants which highly depends on it)

3. Don't use hot water when doing the laundry. If you must, try warm water, though in most cases cold is probably just fine. Make sure that the amount of water you're using corresponds with the size of your laundry load.
(all this while, i've been using hand wash in most of my clothing, so actually i invest in alot of hand lotion, poor me)

4. Lower the temperature of your water thermostat to 120-130 degrees (any lower than that might backfire on you, since you might end up running out of hot water).

5. Clean your air filters regularly. Air conditioners have to work a lot harder to circulate air through filthy filters, which is a totally unnecessary electricity drain.

6. And while you're sitting in front of the computer, turn on the sleep mode, so it's less of a power drain when you're not using it. Windows users can do this via the control panel.
(hubby always let his pc work 24 hours with the reason he needs to download movies online, but i insist to totally turn it off, including the switch, before going to bed, not only did this save power, it also lessen our exposure to computer radiation)


  1. Hayley, seems like you are still in the mode of adjusting into your marriage life. As you mentioned about the air con in your room causes you have mild flu in the morning, your hubby is so into the SJ every evening until you want to act like his step mom and cane him, now he is on the PC 24hours and etc. Poor you. Nevermind, I believe sooner or later, you two will work out a harmony routine and perfect lifestyle. Gambateh!

  2. Yan, you remember huh? =_=
    but anyway, i m starting to get used to it.. i also hope things will workout fine!

  3. i'm too trying as much as possible to minimize the consumption of electricity. money no enough, haiz.... cutting down the unnecessary but it seems like my hubs is enjoying his chilly air-cond to the max! *sigh*

  4. Yvonne, yea, air cond really takes up alot of electricity, so can try invest on inverter air cond which can saves power ;)


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