Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tag: 10th photo from my Picasa album

It's been a while since i last blog about tags, Yan tagged me few days ago on a topic which goes like this: the person who got tagged will have to look for the 10th photo in his/her Picasa album and write something about the photo, then tag five other bloggers.

so i searched my Picasa album and this is the 10th photo:

this is part of the night parade in conjuction with the Nine Emperor festival which held October last year and i had blogged about the parade here. this post was also my first attempt blogging in Mandarin ;)

there're about 3-4 times of similar parades from different temples every year. during this time, the crowd will stand and wait at the road side waiting for the parade to start. the parade usually pass the busy town streets, every Buddhist love this parade especially little kids as they get to see beautiful decorations on vehicles and get free candies/chocolates/biscuits/breads/snacks. we are also able to get blessing from deities/ang kong by praying. besides beautiful vehicles, there're plenty of things to see too, such as band, giant flags, Tamil ang kong and sometimes lion/dragon dance etc etc.
everytime when the parade is done, you can see alot of candy wraps/bottles on the floor, hence the MPT cleaners will have works to do =_=

last but not least, thanks Yan for the tag!
i'm not tagging anyone in specific, so please feel free to blog about this tag too!


  1. Keke, I blogged about this event too last year. It's an annual parade and not to be missed! My daughter loves collecting candies :)

  2. Hi Hayley, the last time I witnessed this was wayyyyyy back in the early 60s.
    Glad to know it is still be celebrated.
    You have a nice day, stay beautiful, Lee.

  3. Yvonne, yea, i remember you wrote about it too! i'm sure every kids enjoy it!

    Lee, thanks for swinging by~
    yep, it's still celebrate yearly, it's one of the important event, especially in a small town like Taiping! ;)


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