Thursday, April 8, 2010

To my dearest brother

2nd brother celebrates his 31st birthday today, here i wanna wish him abundance of health and wealth!!
he is the master of the house besides my father. sometimes he can be so particular on something until it makes us fed up, lol.. but deep inside our hearts, i know he wants the best for all of us in the house.
he's a good coordinator and takes care of the family very well.. he always in charge of the house's welfare and assist alot in terms of financial. sometimes i insist on helping him abit but he refuses, i guess he thinks he is a man so he wanted no helps. so sometimes, i'll settle whatever things possible without informing him first. haha..
he's very good and in studies and has guided me alot. he's also very into sports and lately, indulge in photography.

brother and me during my wedding last month, we look alike? :P

when i was young, he's been calling me 'fatty' even until today =_= (i admit, i was really chubby when i was a kid) anyway, i know he sayang me alot despite the teasing/joking. he might look serious on the outside but trust me, he can act like a small kid at home, sometimes it made me speechless :S

during a dinner at SSL hotel, photo taken last year

we are 5 years in age gap but the bonding between us is very strong! he's been working at KL for more than 5 years now. but he make sure he comes home every now and then and accompany us. he is really a great brother and certainly a great son for my parents! i believe he'll be a good husband and father too ;)
last but not least, to my dearest brother, thank you for the endless love and have a blast time! i'm so thankful to have you as my brother ;)Happy Birthday and i love you! <3


  1. Hayley, this post is so sweet. You are so blessed to be his sibling. He leaves me a very good impression as well during your wedding parties.

  2. Yan, yea, he is a very good brother ;)

  3. happy birthday to your brother. hmm, you two really look alike, except you are much more fairer :)

    how i wish i have an elder sibling to look after me. but nevertheless being the eldest give me ultimate power, muahahaha.... sigh end up, my siblings say i'm very fierce.

  4. Yvonne, thanks~

    ironically, i wish i have a younger sister/brother! life is like that huh, we always wish for things we dont have, lol...

  5. Happy bday to ur bro! I wish I could have bro oso :P

  6. Ivy, thanks~
    ha, how i wish i could have a sister too ;)


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