Sunday, April 11, 2010

The wedding finale ^^

It took me some times to finally blog about my wedding night, lol.. dont worry, this is it and will be the ending post of my wedding reception ;)

i went over to Ivy's place around 4pm. it was damn tiring lo, i couldnt find anytime to nap :S
me! the whole process took about 3 hours to finish =_=

Ivy and me! really thank her so much for the nice makeup and hairdo! the lady behind is May, she's a close friend of Ivy and also her student. she curled my hair so patiently while Ivy was doing makeup for another bride

upon arriving at the hotel and dinner was about to start.............
photos before marching in...

photos with some relatives....
champaigne opening and cake session

toasting for all the guests!

Silverstone colleagues

with my ex Uni mates (top)
with Pauline aunty and Cellnique friends (bottom)
the dinner ended about 10pm, which is consider quite on time ;)
with Yvonne and Celine (top)
with Vinnie, Yen and Kean (bottom)

at the entrance with some of the friends/relatives before leaving

with all the FRIENDS
i hope everybody had a great time enjoying themselves during the night! i myself was so satisfy with the band perfomance and the food overall. no doubt the whole thing was energy and time consuming, it ended happily and everything was worth!
once again, thank you everyone who attended! love you ;)

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