Thursday, April 22, 2010

Weekend filled with food

A friend offered us 2 tickets for a dinner last weekend. it was a 8-coursed dinner in conjuction with Kampung Boyan temple donation anniversary. so we supported him la since it was FOC, lol :P

dinner served by Siang Chi restaurant

top: spicy asam fish
bottom: deep fried prawns

before and after picture of sharkfin soup

top: roasted chicken
bottom: mixed vegetables

top: duckie
bottom: wu fu lin men (五福临门)

and friends... sorry no photo of me :(

i followed the gang to the temple right after the dinner. while they're feeding themselves with some alcohol, i took the chance to pray, asked for blessing for everything good for me and my family, greedy eh? :P


  1. It is very nice of you to always think of asking blessing for your family and yourself.

  2. Yan, yea, 有拜有保庇, hehehe...

  3. Wah, seldom see temple donation dinner provide Sharkfin soup! This Kg Boyan temple sure generous!! Thanks for dropping by My Little Sprout, have a wonderful day ahead!

  4. Alice, yea, i was kinda surprise too, i think the ticket wasnt cheap lo...


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