Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What men think about our hair

Once i asked my hubby whats the first thing he will notice when seeing a girl, and his answer is her hair (seriously, i thought he would say her boobs, i mean, come on! its pretty normal right?)
phew, luckily my hair's first impression to him was still okay, lol... but what men really think about our hair? Yahoo did a survey and this is what they find out:-

1. Signature Styles
They asked, do you care if a girl styles her hair the same way every day? 71 percent said no. 29 percents said yes.
(from my point of view, its nice to have a hairstyle changed every now and then)

2. Boho Braids

Are boho braids cute or cuckoo? majority of the guys said cute and 17 percent said cuckoo.
(i've never try boho braids before, i think it need some skills to do the thing...)

3. Hair Up? Or Down?
Actually, it might be the action that matters just as much as the style! 43 percent of guys said they love watching a girl put up her hair, while 37 percent said they enjoy watching a girl let down her hair. 20 percent said both are equally hot and Leighton's covered either way.
(to me, of course both still look great! and i think it's pretty much depends on the occasion. eg: hair up during playing badminton games and hair down when attending a birthday party. hmm, something like that)

4. Asymmetrical Haircuts

When asked, what do you think of asymmetrical haircuts? 76 percent said they love them. 24 percent said they hate them.
(i fancy this haircut! but have no courage in owning one =_= some girl does look cool and sexy with this haircut)
5. Mega-Long Hair
Guys always say they like long hair best, but there has to be a cutoff point, right? When they polled their dudes, 55 percent of men found Lauren Conrad’s mid-length locks sexier than her mega-long mane.
(i know a few girls who have buttock-length hair, no doubt long hair is great for doing multiple hair patterns but too long will cause inconveniences too, it takes alot of time and energy for maintenance)

all photos taken from Google.


  1. I like asymmetrical haircut, especially Rihanna's and Victoria Beckham's. Theirs are so stylish and sexy.

    ... ok, I'm gonna make a trip to my hairstylist already

  2. By the way, I love long hair, but my husband said i look cool only in short hair. One thing for sure one, I like changing different hair style.

  3. Yvonne, yea, its been a while since your last haircut, right?

    Yan, yes i know that ;) and you look good with short hair!

  4. oh, I love the Boho Braid style, wish I can do it on my girl when her hair grows longer!

  5. Alice, yea, little kid will look cute in boho! take photo when you have done! ;)


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