Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another Tao visit

My last visit to Tao, Auto City was this Labor Day. few days ago, we made another trip there, this time is to celebrate a colleague's farewell. we hit the highway right after work and managed to reach there on time and were entitled 10% discount! :D

some of the food we ordered...
my all time favourite is still the Miso Yaki, i'm such a loyal fan right? :P

Yew and his gf, Yu Ching. Yew is leaving the company starting June T_T he'll be helping in his father's business at Bagan Serai, i'm sure he will be dearly missed! here i wish him all the best and hope to receive his red bomb soon! ^^

Angeline and i


Yvonne, me, Angeline

yours truly, with her new spec

Yan and her 2 princesses

Avery, Yvonne's daughter

last but not least, a group photo for the ladies

it was near to 8pm when we were done with the food, we took a walk at the nearby flea market but i dint get myself anything... then we hit the highway again heading to our homes after the satisfying meal....


  1. Wah Hayley, love your compilation of Jap cuisine! Beautiful photos!

    Btw, thanks for your warm regards! My girl Juan Juan(down with common flu and fever) has fully recovered since Wed, my boy Xuan just discharged from the hospital(diagnosed as acute gastroentritis) yesterday. He is now going well, thanks again!

    Please have a wonderful week ahead!

  2. Hey Alice, welcome back! ^^

    glad that your children are alright and you dont have to worry.. ;)
    you too, have a wonderful day ahead!

  3. You really is a fan of Tao!
    Actually they've got a branch here in KL and I'm planning to go one day, all because of your recommendation! :)

  4. Shirlexia, yea i am ;)
    but i heard my friend said Auto City's Tao is better... not sure about it, you try and let me know!

  5. Today is Yew's last day. Really going to miss him and his gossips.

  6. Yvonne, yea, finally the day has comes... :(


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