Monday, May 24, 2010

Bigger eyes

I have been a contact lens user for at least 7 years. throughout the years, i have tried several brands such as Bausch & Lomb and FreshKon. of late, i started to invest in colored contact lens from Geo. i must say contact lens have given me alot of convenience!

last few weeks, i found out a contest from FreshLook Illuminate where they are giving out free trial daily disposable lenses. all you have to do is just register online and answer a few simple questions and 3 pairs of daily contact lens are on your way!

the freebies

got discount voucher somemore, dont you just love free thing? :P

the new FreshLook Illuminate lenses are uniquely designed to match the natural brown and black shade of Asian eyes


after. i hope my photos are able to give you a clear before-after result. anyway, my eyes are obviously bigger and bolder after wearing the lenses, in the natural way! the effect is promising.however, i find that the lenses are abit hard to remove. but as a hard core contact lens user, it doesnt really frighten me.... lol..

visit here to get your free trial lens while stocks last! so what are you waiting for?!


  1. lense is really nice...wish i can wear too but till now my eye sight still good...

  2. wow... I like free thing, too. Too bad I'm a dummy to contact lens. Until now also never tried them before.

  3. Linda, contact lens comes in zero power too ;))

    Yvonne, well, it takes some effort to learn during the beginning... may be one day you'll approach to contact lenses! ^^

  4. Thanks for the info, I will go back to check for my contact lens reading then only i submit for the free trial lens.

  5. Hi Hayley, nice....very nice.
    Bet you must have dropped them before and crawling on hands and knees looking for them, ha ha.
    I guess I'll stick to my RayBan Aviators.
    Have a nice day and stay beautiful, Lee.

  6. Lee, lol, yea, i experienced that before. but as far as i remember, most of the times i managed to find them easily *touchwood*

  7. I tried tat too... but doesn't seems to make my eyes look bigger... probably my eyes big enough d :P

    then not that comfortable when wearing it... especially when want to take off after a day.. =___=|||

    I won't be buying it lor.. rather waste money buy colour lense than this...

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  9. Ivy, well, i guess this is pretty much up to individual, no doubt it's abit hard to remove, but i still find it comfy and a promising effect =_=


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