Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Changkat Jering and Terong

...is where we visited during the weekend.
Changkat Jering is a small malay town situated in Perak. it connects Taiping to the North-South Expressway via the southern exit. the reason we went there is to visit the hot spring bath, aka Kolam Air Panas in Malay.
this place is about 5-10 mins drive from Changkat Jering toll.

the entrance

the fees

we booked a small private hot pool which cost only RM30 and occupied it for about 2 hours. i could feel the hot water when i first put in my feet, but if you can bear with it, you'll get used to the temperature after few mins

since there were like 11 of us, so its more worth to book the pool. there're also public pools where you share with other people and the price will be cheaper. also, a single white bucket if you want to bath only your legs. there're also private individual rooms for hot spring bath

our feets!

hubby and i

Annie and me

thank God the weather wasnt so hot. anyhow, i sweat alot due to the hot air coming out from the pool

some of the benefits of hot spring bath are:-
1. Hot air that warmed your whole body is capable to dilute your blood to become less thick, making it moves much smoother in your body.
2. It relaxes your muscles, veins, and proficient at countering body pain. If you have certain problematic areas, you can concentrate more on that particular organ, like your feet or back.
3. Skin pores all over the body too are forced to open up and this way, it is much easier for your body to discharge unwanted toxin and waste from the body. Your body will definitely feel much better and fresh after the process, especially after a week of hard work. It is one of the many great remedies of fatigue and stress.
*source here*
the lady who looks after the place is a friendly malay aunty. she told us to come again especially at night, as it will be less hot and more fun! anyway, we should not stay in the hot bath for too long. so we left the place and headed to our next destination.

for more information about this Kolam Air Panas, you can contact:
Samsudin Hj. Ahmad
Kolam Air Panas,
Batu 9, Jalan Trong,
34850 Changkat Jering,

leaving the place, we drove another 4km further to Terong, Crystal's father who were there told us that there's a beautiful waterfall at Terong. since it was still early so we decided to take a look.

unfortunately, uncle couldnt locate the exact place so end up, we stopped by a shallow area.

Annie, me and Crystal

hubby with his funny face
it was nearly lunch hour and so we left the waterfall. headed to Simpang to have a quick lunch before going home for a nice sweet nap.
dry kuey teow mee with curry

yummy cooling ice kacang


  1. The authentic ice kacang, I longed for it... cool!

    I can barely see the pricing..T-T but I believe you really had a good time, thanks for the health and beauty tips of hot spring!;)

    Have a nice day!

  2. Alice, opps... i think they erase the pricing already =_= but if you wanna know the actual price, you may call them up!
    thanks for dropping by~

  3. The noodle looked real yummy. Thanks for the snack that you bought for us. I never been to Terong hot spring, may be I should plan a trip there with my family.

  4. I never knew we have a kolam air panas so near our house. Eh, is the hot spring some sort like those in Japan one?

    The only waterfall I visited 15 years ago is located in Taman Suria, dunno-what-name pool. Kinda dirty, especially after some families have their picnic there.

  5. Yan, i'm not sure whether children can tahan the temperature or not.. but if they can then it'll be a fun experience!

    Yvonne, i dint know that too, it's recommended by my friend actually.
    erm, Japan one is much more nicer and bigger, but this one is ok also, considering its reasonable price.
    i knew that waterfall too!

  6. I really couldn't imagine a hot spring spa in Malaysia... SO HOT!!!

  7. Shirlexia, lol, but not really a spa la... dont put too much expectation tee hee...


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