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Trying new product - Exuviance

Few months ago, friends and i were discussing topics on monthly facial and skin care products. Cheery was then recommended me to a facial salon which is situated at Kampung Boyan, where the facial there is cheap and the results are good. but the only problem is, you have to bear the painful facial extractor session =_= because the lady(Alice) uses only her fingers to extract blackheads/whiteheads. however, my face is obviously cleaner and brighter everytime after the facial.
then, Alice started to recommend some products for me to use to tackle my blackheads problem and also to control my oily face condition.

Exuviance SkinRise Bionic Tonic (RM 260 for 30 pads). i bought this during Mother's Day promotion so i get extra 15 pads for free.
Renew your skin and reveal a healthy, radiant complexion, with enhanced clarity, smoothness and firmness.
personal review: the texture is abit too sticky, my face tends to be shiny after applied, so i usually use it at night. due to the expensive price and still make good use of it, i cut the round pad into 4 pieces

left - Rejuvenating Treatment Masque (10ml -i get it as free sample): Alpha and Polyhydroxy Acids offer anti-aging benefits to decrease wrinkles and plump the skin in a powerful peel off.
personal review: the smell is quite strong, but the result is satisfying ;)

right - Night Renewal Hydragel (10ml- RM 38): Repair and hydrate oily skin with this silky gel clincially proven to improve skin texture, tone and pore size after 4 weeks.
personal review: i like this, really good in oil controlling... i applied on my forehead and nose and the next day when i wake up, the T zone is obviously less oily

left - Multi-Protection Day Creme SPF 15: A unique blend of Polyhydroxy Acids, vitamins, antioxidants and SPF 15 in a daily moisturizer formulated to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
personal review: act as sunblock and smell nice too

right - Evening Restorative Complex: A high-performance complex of anti-aging ingredients and beneficial botanicals in a powerful solution to care for dry, photo-damaged, aging skin as you sleep. This night time transformer effectively combats visible signs of aging and is clinically proven to improve overall skin texture, tone and appearance.
personal review: i feel a smoother complexion after a week use! ^^

more infor please refer here

*note: the above reviews are based on my own judgement and may varies for anyone*


  1. I see that you have started to invest in anti aging and hydration products. That is very wise to do that to delay the aging and maintain the youth. Keep up the good work.

  2. Yan, yea, Alice told me prevention is good to start now.. so i give it a try lo.. you know la, aging is women's biggest enemy!

  3. Hi, I am keen to try this facial at kampung boyan, would you mind to share the beautician's contacts and address ?

    1. Hi, sorry, I have not been to her salon for quite some times already, and I heard she had moved...


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