Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A great day with buddies

The gang and i were planning how to celebrate Labour Day since last month. we had a plan of going Tao, Auto City since CNY this year but the plan was obviously, failed =_=
so without any further delay i suggested to go Tao during Labour Day, besides we could shop at Penang too (girls' favourite) *wink*

before starting our journey, here's what i had for breakfast:
pan mee with egg, this stall is situated at green house area

upon reaching Penang, we dropped by Gurney Plaza to have our lunch. it was public holiday and everywhere were jam and crowded. in the end we settled down at Kim Gary.

clockwise top left: signature borsch soup, honeyed chicken with mushroom rice, mixed rice, rice with pork

dint manage to buy anything there and off we went to Pacific mall, its been ages since my last visit there....
it was drizzling in the evening when we were on our way to Auto City, thank God the rain stopped once we reached there ;)

since it was a Saturday and also a public holiday, i actually called Tao and made a reservation about 3 weeks ago. i requested to have an indoor seating rather than the outdoor one, it's much more comfy seated inside. this is my 3rd time there and i'm still loving it to the max! i may visit it again this month end for a colleague's farewell dinner ;)

a group photo of us

clockwise from top left: miso yaki (my all time favourite!), smoked salmon, tako balls, cheesed motoyaki scallops

tempura, abalones, steam milky fish soup, fried mantis prawns

we also ordered sharkfin chawanmushi, mussel spicy mayo, chicken teriyaki, lamb teriyaki, beef and mini crabs and shrimps

thai styled chicken, deep fried fish fillet, sharkfin soup and dragon sushi

some random photos of us

fish eye effects, its ok to look ugly once a while :P

girls for the day

more photos of me! are you sick yet? :P

ok la, no more pictures already

we ate from 6pm until 8pm. everyone were satisfied and bloated too. though there was a big hole in our pocket but its all worth it! the environment is nice, the food is tasty, the waiters are friendly and the service is good so what else can we ask for?
after the filling dinner, we took a walk at the nearby flea market and i managed to grab some earrings, acrylic nails, nail polisher and a top. i could only did a quick shop there as the rest were tired and needed to rush back Taiping.
hubby joined the rest for tea session late at night and i, went home and date Mr Zhou Gong.


  1. Love all the food. And thanks for the earrings, very cool and colorful.

  2. Good sharing for what you found in Tao and the flea market at Juru Auto City. Thanks for the earrings too.

  3. 好羡慕你们经常一大班一起吃喝玩乐哦! 看照片也感觉到了你们的欢乐~ keep it on yaaa... And thanks for the sharing, I will find a time to visit Tao~ =)

  4. Yvonne, you're most welcome!

    Yan, yes, i'm looking forward to visit the flea market again!

    Evelyn, 人生就是要吃喝玩乐嘛。。你和你的dear也很好啊,很甜蜜,我相信你们一定很enjoy彼此的陪伴。。

  5. Woah... You guys had a lot of food!
    They all look very tempting! Is it very expensive? Do you always need to reserve so much more earlier???

  6. Shirlexia, there're still some other food picture which i dint post up =_=
    its about RM 50- RM 60 per person. i'm not sure but its always better to reserve earlier rather than being disappointed. but the place was really full house that day...

  7. Wahhhhh~!! What a sumptuos of Japanese foods(Tummy rumbling)... Vyonne is here kar? That's all her favourite spread of food leh~!! LOL!

    Very beautiful photos you have here, very nice! Have a wonderful day ahead!

  8. Hi Alice, yes, all the food there are really yummy!
    i might go there again with Yvonne and other colleagues this month end, we can indulge again! :D
    thanks for dropping by! enjoy your day!

  9. Hi Hayley, I have not eaten pan mee a long time. And that bowl sure looks delicious.
    And tired of your pics? Oh no....with a beauty like yours, your beautiful eyes and smile....its a pleasure, always.
    You stay young, stay beautiful and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  10. Hi Lee, hmm, is it difficult to find pan mee at your place right now?
    i myself love pan mee, especially with egg and loads of vege and mushrooms! slurpp~


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