Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's day!

Mummy is the most important person in my entire life. she gives the best for brothers and i and we really respect and love her.
we had a dinner celebration last week, yes, we did it in advance since brother came back from KL. anyhow, we're going to celebrate again tonight ;) mum always told me not to buy her any mother's day present as she has everything she needs. when we were still kids, she once said, being a good girl and good boy is already the greatest gift she can ever ask for, and this still apply even until now.
few years ago, mummy had some migraine problem and she suffered quite alot T_T but thank Godness she's getting better after taking some doctor's medication, and she's alright now!
here i wish my mum Happy Mother's Day and 母亲节快乐! may health and happiness be with you all the time! you're the best in my heart! thanks for love and i love you! *muacks*
also, i wish every mummies out there, Happy Mother's Day! stay happy always!


  1. YES!!! Mummy alway gives all her loves to kids~ I love my mummy too... Happy mother's day!!! Enjoy ur day with ur beloved~

  2. Evelyn, same to you ya~ ;))

  3. Happy belated mother's day to your mom! Hopefully I get to wish you next year :p

  4. Thank Yvonne!
    haha, we'll see ;)

  5. lol! I said the same thing to my April and May, though i teased them for my Mother's day present. Later on, i told them that mommy will be happy on Mother's da if you two are good girls.

  6. Happy belated Mother's day to your mommy dearest!

  7. Yan, i think that will be the happiest and greatest gift of all...

    Alice, thanks!! same same to you ;)


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