Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Wesak Day

Today is Wesak and so coincidentally, Vinnie's birthday! i would like wish her Happy Birthday!

Wesak, aka Vesākha is an annual holiday observed traditionally by Buddhists in most of the Asian countries. It's informally called Buddha's birthday, it actually encompasses the birth, englightenment and passing away of Gautama Buddha.

(source from here)

supposely Wesak Day is treated as a public holiday(PH) in our country but unfortunately, it's not a PH for Silverstone T_T anyway, i am off today since EK is off as well, we are planning to hit the cinema for Prince of Persia later on (provided if we're able to get the tickets :S). we shall visit the Siamese temple tonight and join the rest of the crowd for some prayers. i love this day because it's very happening lol...

last but not least, i wish you a happy Wesak Day and have a great weekend! :*


  1. I'm now on my desk, working out my programming....

    Happy Wesak Day to you, and happy holiday :)

  2. Yan and Yvonne, same to you both! ;)

  3. Meow ... Thx for the wishes...

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  5. Vinnie, welcome!

    Mr Lonely, sure will.. thanks!


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