Monday, May 10, 2010

KTV, me like!

It's been a while since my last visit to KTV. Jackie who is always a KTV lover organized a K session last Friday and so we hit Rex Box.
The room is big but the walls and surroundings are.... quite dirty =_= but i think all rooms are the same so we might as well stick to this one.
ok now, i shall let the pictures do the talking...

look at my hubby, he's getting more hiao after married =_="

forget what we were laughing at....

EK sang alot that night! which was a surprise to me actually...

Crystal and Tingki

yours truly


=_=" so kua cheong right?

Crystal and i

these are the songs i picked that night:
1. 我的回忆不是我的- 泳儿 & 海鸣威
2. 没那么简单- 黃小琥
3. 寓言 - 张韶涵 -
4. 爱我的人和我爱的人 - 裘海正
5. I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
6. Sorry Sorry - Super Junior (just the MV and we were dancing, lol, will show you the picts when i got them :P)
most of the songs i chosed to sing are old songs. i realise old songs are nicer.

last but not least, this is Jackie, our handsome photographer, lol. his DSLR camera makes me thinking to get one too!

*photos credit to Jackie*


  1. great K session yaa... I like redbox too~ :D btw, taiping got Redbox?! all of u are cute enough and the pics always so interesting... haha

  2. Evelyn, no, it wasnt RedBox, it's Rex Box, hehe :P
    this one is situated at Jin Yu Man Tang (金玉满堂) restaurant.

  3. oooppss, mata sepek pula~ :p

  4. Hello Hayley, a picture tells a thousand words. Yours tells a story. Love the pics here, and you certainly one very attractive wife, *wink*.
    I can imagine the fun and laughter you all had.
    Have fun and stay young. Oh, that pic of you and your mom is beautiful.
    Best regards, Lee.

  5. Evelyn, haha, its ok ^^

    Lee, thanks for the compliment ;) it was a fun and enjoyable K session for us, i'm a KTV lover too! too bad Taiping doesnt have a really good KTV with nice sounds system....

  6. Oh... I miss K session too!
    Thinking of going one very soon too!

  7. Shirlexia, hmm, you're at KL right? there're so many choices to chose! GreenBox, RedBox, Neway bla bla... so nice!

  8. LOL! Your hubby is such an awesomely cool guy!^-^

  9. Alice, lol, what makes you say so? =_=

  10. LOL! Simply because he looks funny, out spoken and easy going, not those "cerewet"(finicky) guy! ^-^

  11. Alice, well, he could be cerewet at some times.. but overall he's one funny guy also la.. ;)


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