Saturday, May 15, 2010

May's birthday

It's a custom for the gang to eat out during anyone's birthday. we've been practising it since last year. the May birthday stars are both Tingki and Nickson so we celebrated together.
i suggested to dine at Yes air conditioned restaurant.
here's some pictures:

same old faces, me, Crystal and Tingki

my always-so-lansi hubby and i

random photo taken by Jackie


alright, presenting the dishes for the night:
1. deep fried mantis prawns with salted eggs. everyone loves like dish!

2. thai styled chicken. i especially love the sliced mangoes!

3. Yes signature tofu with thick gravy

4. curry prawns

5. sweet buns to go with the curry above

6. steam fish

7. pork ribs wrapped with Guinness

8. fried belacan kangkung

finished!! there were a total of 18 people so we divided into 2 tables. total bill is about RM 348 which is kinda expensive lo =_= but dont worry, we always go dutch!

after the filling dinner, we had a little cut cake session.
us again :P

Crystal and me, she's going to Sg soon :(

here's the yummy ice cream cake for the birthday girl and boy

Tingki's birthday is on 14th May and Nickson's on 13th

Happy birthday! ^^

cute cute cute little girl!! she kept looking at us the whole night.

hmm, some beers before leaving the place

Yes Restaurant
Jalan Regat Convent,
34000 Taiping,


  1. I like kerabu chicken. The gravy is sweet, sour and spicy. The mantis prawns looks not bad either. Does RM348 including beers? If so, then it's not very expensive. Anyway, friendship is priceless. It's so good to gather with friends :)

  2. All the dishes looked special and yummy. I quite like the food and place of Yes Retaurant.

  3. Yvonne, nop, RM 348 is exclusive of beers =_=
    ya, i like gathering like this, we laugh, eat and enjoy!

    Yan, me too, i find their food yummy too ^^

  4. Ah I can see the Mantis prawn is very yummy! I always love Mantis prawn... Aiya too bad I have plan to eat at home the next few days before I go back to KL lar, ah bo I'll sure go for a try!

  5. Shirlexia, its ok, you can try it next time! it's really yummy!

  6. Oh dear! Those are definitely my type of gourmet, yummylicious(drool drool)!

    Errrr... wonder why the cake place up side down huh?:p


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